Sunday, March 27, 2011


Part of me
I never knew
friends I had
I had but few
A year hence
I have less hair
but life's moving
on top gear
playing life's act
that sounds like fiction
way more than fact
This is My rendition
of this script
of these nondescript
stories from the crypt
Hanged to death n
sliced in the gulliton
Disparged by you
dispised by everyone
I cried nearly drowned
no one tugged at
this outstretched hand
This is my stage
I'm the prodigal son
and yet I am the sage
This is my rendition
of the misadventure
that I did but then didn't
share with anyone
I had love but
i held too tight
what I love
is a shadow
in a dark night
What I aim
is a world away
What I adore is
an ingrate I'd say
I see my reality
finally the way
I wish to
This is my life
my rendition
I'm the hero
I am the audience
to my own rules
I bow in obedience

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