Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Into the Wild

Christopher Johnson McCandless
Feb 12 1968- Aug 18 1992

I just finished watching the movie Into The Wild. I think I'm becoming more perceptive to movies. It probably has something to do with the fact that I've loved all the movies I've watched recently. Into the Wild was a great movie. I'll probably write my thoughts on it later but the spooky part is that H.D.Thoreau seems to be chasing me. I've been (slowly) reading Walden, then the last movie I watched had Walden in it (The Great Debaters) and today, into the wild also mentioned Walden by Thoreau. I guess I gotta speed up my reading.

Only that I really don't think McCandless and Thoreau were talking about exactly the same thing and McCandless was probably a little delusioned, if I dare say that, Thoreau probably was constantly there somewhere in his head. I'd like to add that though I used the word delusioned, I would love to admit that men like McCandless inspire me and I do, in many ways, relate to his childhood. I've had thoughts like the ones he did. Only that probably as an Indian, my parents had too great a role in shaping my life, though not thoughts, and my life would've never gone the way McCandless' did. Maybe it would have because I started to read Thoreau when I was 22 but my vocab hindered the progress and I gave up reading it; thank god. Besides at that age, silly me was too madly in love with a silly girl. All the stupidity saved me to grow older.

How I wish that McCandless was alive. If he were alive, maybe his story wouldn't appear to be that brilliant but what the heck, even a degree less, it would still be awesome. But I doubt if he would've had the realizations that he did if never went that close to death...before he actually died. Sad as I am right now after watching the movie, I know I can't change the past, I can learn from it though, "Happiness is best when shared"

Hat's off to him and to his amazing sister and to their words that changed the people around them and their story that will continue to affect all that hear it and watch it as a film.

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