Thursday, March 17, 2011


I’m lovesick, I wanna hold you so
I yearn for you, never wanna let go
I’m sick of love, don’t waste my time
So sick of it, won’t spend a dime

Come close, I wanna smell your skin
Too sick of love to call this ‘sin’
I’m tired of love, I don’t wanna fight
Just hold me close even if I ain’t Mr. Right

You are strange, you’re such a witch
Your selfish plans, immune to glitch
You’ll wreck my world, it’s such a trend
You’re beautiful but so are your friends

I’m lovesick when I break my bread
Even more so when I go to bed
I’m so lovesick I pine for a caress
So sick of it, I couldn’t care less

I’m so lovesick, I want you NOW
So sick of it, I know it’d be such a row
So lovesick, for you I’d sing
Too sick of it to explain…
…what you’re missing!


Suchreet said...


uv done a good job of it!:)

Jesse said...

Rudi thanx for suggesting me to write on it or the world would be bereft of another cheap poem.

Yeah that's me, Cheap and honest

aashish said...

awesome man, why dont you copose it in a song. its truly a song.