Monday, July 30, 2012

gatecrashed Indian Olympic march and other trash

Even if she wasn’t wearing the red shirt to hog the limelight, the mystery woman, gatecrasher of the Indian Olympic march, Madhura Nagendra would've been spotted occupying much of the camera frame owing to her rather large posterior. She ended up doing the opposite of what she probably intended to; now she's infamous.

I didn't even know what the term gatecrashing meant till it happened at some White House party a few years ago. It's a term I've not heard Indians use till recently. We Indians have people "gate crashing" wedding parties, if no one finds out the gate crashers make merry, if they get caught, we beat the crap out of them...and let-out the frustrations of the complicated arranged-marriage system which afflicts tons of mental and financial agony to generations of the bride's and the groom's family, on the blessed day. 

Anyway, Madhura Honey, the mystery woman, the gatecrasher, at the Olympic march of the Indian contingent, is the woman many Indians want an extreme punishment for (the usual pogrom mentality). Ah! that explains the sporadic and recurrent communal riots here.

It is just so easy to infuriate us over some matters Vs some others when the two are happening at the same time.

Some matters over the others eh!! What is this guy talking about?
Here goes:

From what I read from comments on NEWS websites, Indians are so infuriated about this that their comments on the issue have turned absurdly grotesque. 

We can't discredit the fact that the gatecrasher was an Indian, an over-excited Indian, just like some people who are posting comments about her. We've first gotta accept that there's something inherently wrong with the way we Act and the way we React.

The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has lodged a complaint to the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) about allowing this woman to gatecrash. IOA is shouting “You should’ve stopped her. How did this happen? There could’ve been a security breach…blah blah blah blah”.

Sure the issue is not irrelevant. The gatecrasher should not have been allowed and there could have been a security breach. I hope that is an eye-opener for LOCOG. However they say that it's not really a topic  to rouse "breach in security" topic since Madhura was a part of the dance contingent inaugural by Danny Boyle. Therefore she had all the security clearances. Makes sense to me. 

However the IOA is given a kind of reaction that make you wonder what they're up to. Do they have an ulterior motive? heh heh heh heh!! Sure seems like.

You see by creating a noise over an issue on which they can't be held responsible and throw the blame on somebody else, they're quietly sneaking away from another issue that should send them to the gallows; they supplied inferior kits to the Indian Olympics participants. The contract went to some company by the name Dida.

I've played basket at a Government Sports Complex for a few years, I still visit sports stores that sell equipment and dresses for sports and I don't think DIDA is a popular brand, if at all known. I've come across Shiv Naresh, which seems kinda funny a name for a sports company. Yeah imagine a sports goods company in the west by the name Jesus Christ: yay! look at my new Jesus Christ swimming trunk or Jesus Christ football, Jesus Christ! But what the heck,  Shiv Naresh company makes stuff that most sports persons in India wear and it's well known, at least they're honest about the quality and price of their goods. So what if their Cat emblem is copied from Slazenger, at least they're not running to supply their stuff to the Indian Olympians.

WTF is DIDA anyway, it just seems like some wannabe name picked up from the middle of aDIDAs (“Adidas” if you couldn't read that).

When players start to complain about kits, that too once they've reached the venue and are about to begin their competition with the best players in the world who are using the best gear available in the world, you sit back and wonder "wtf is this IOA doing? Are they ensuring that all the hard-work of our Indian players, many a time in less than perfect conditions, goes down the drain?"

Goddamit, they're supplying ill-fitting clothes, wrong sizes and inferior material to the Olympic contingent!!

Who's gonna make a hue and cry about this?  Heh heh heh! Or is it that DIDA got the contract by greasing some IOA palms heh heh is usual of anything that happens here. I don't know, I don't know, I'm just suspicious now, now that they players are crying foul. What is this if not sabotage? First project that they're doing a lot for training the players, then slash their throats at the arena and leave quietly. 

I wouldn't have raised my eyebrow at DIDA (even its name sucks) so long as it had come up to the Olympic standards. Unfortunately we have a tendency to promote mediocrity, bribery and red-tapism but at the Olympics, greasing palms or being some big-shots son/daughter just doesn't get you gold, like it does in day to day life here (or even silver or even bronze or even a qualifier)...Ah! Maybe it gets you contracts with IOA.

But I have faith in the Indian players, they'll get medals despite these corrupt bastards (oh! that's not even a bad word anymore so relax!)

So it's not just the Indian Olympic march that was gatecrashed, so was probably the contract to supply them the tools through which they are supposed to show their talents; what a shame.

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