Saturday, December 17, 2011

apathy Vs antipathy

  "Today's friends are tomorrows enemies" I heard this line in one of Dr. Alban's song from the 1990s "one love". I wish to lash out with the choicest of invectives at an old friend (if 20 years is an old enough time for a 30 year old individual) for what he's been at to annihilate my relation with my girl. I thought his dad's money had not gone into his head BUT he turned out to be one unconscionable hedonistic dude. All these years I really thought that it didn't matter to him that my family wasn't as rich as his and maybe it didn't. All those years of love and understanding made their way to the sewers this year. 

  No sooner did my relation with his girlfriend's sister began a year ago, I saw a side of him I hadn't seen for twenty long years. His relation with his girlfriend didn't materialize and she got married elsewhere yet their relation continues to this day. I never infringed his personal space. I thought he banged the last nail in the coffin of our friendship by behaving inappropriately with my girl but I was wrong. When this and a few other tactics did not work, today I learnt that he's been misrepresenting the truth and maligning my family in front of his girlfriend. My parents and my sister love him most of all the friends I've ever had and he's reciprocated the same way all these years. He stooped to his lowest low by slandering about my family. I wish to face him off but I know he'd be unrepentant for his words. This behavior coming  out of a staunch believer of "karma", maybe his karma will set him right but I'm so sure that he'll never admit his fault. I cannot explain his depravity, maybe he's discontented with his life; his insatiable greed of materialism can explain this. I knew he was unconscionable but I thought he loved me way too much to let it ever affect me. Yet I fail to understand his aspersions against me.

  Of late I've begun to reflect on the importance of money like I hadn't in the past. Money is important, everyone talks about it, everyone wants it and if you don't have it, you better be prepared to be looked down upon in your circles and if you don't have a good deal of it (duh! it also depends on your circle). My closest friend slandered about me and concocted lies to malign me in an attempt to take away the one thing that I love and wish to be with forever. I thought he'd support me and be there for me; SURPRISE. He's been hurting me left, right and center; how much longer must I bear before I retaliate. 

"Never wrestle with a pig; you get dirty and besides the pig likes it." - GB Shaw

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