Sunday, March 20, 2011


Too long to forget
Losing you
Why do I fret
Too stubborn to bend
Too honest to say
you’re just a friend
Too casual
to question why
might shed a tear
When I say goodbye
Too etched to erase
Intertwined in a maze
Blessed to know you
Too well to adore you
I’m you and you’re me
Lost in riddles
Where exactly are we?
I’m your reflection
You’re mine
We ride again
In the dead the of night
With the wind
We put up a brave fight
We race in vain
The truth chasin, yanking
its horse’s reigns
and we run and we split
so that one throat
is spared from being slit
when I look in the mirror
We both meet again
I raise my eyes
I feel overpowered
for I see you clearly
I see a coward

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