Saturday, March 05, 2011


Mr. Seth's ground floor apartment was set ablaze by an electrical short circuit exactly a week ago. Our apartment is right above his. They say it was a frightening site as two fire engines and many firemen braved the smoke to put the fire out. The aluminium wires gave way after 20 years of constant usage and the result was frightening. Quite luckily no one was in the room when the TV exploded projecting out shrapnel and setting the wooden closets on fire. I now understand the big deal about fire-proof building material.
"A spark neglected burns a house", it never was so real and literal before. Whenever there has been minor sparking in the meter and/or the electrical points in the house, we've never really appreciated the gravity of the repercussions. A visit by the electrician to tighten loose ends generally solves the irritating hum. I never could imagine that an electrical fire could break out in a matter of seconds and go out of control just as quickly.
In order to not meet with the same fate, today we bought a various sets of copper wires to replace the whole wiring of the house. Havells wires are good and you get a good deal if you buy from the Industrial Area. We could purchased the same material in about 60-70% of the price 6-7 years ago as copper wasn't as exorbitantly priced back then. Sometimes the only cogency is provided by a demonstration of disaster; well we stand convinced.

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