Monday, June 21, 2010 blunder

Situation: Someone expressed interest in my profile on I read her profile and it turned out that she's a writer. I searched for her on Facebook and sent her a message, she replied and then I replied.

The following is purely for reading pleasure. I hang my head in shame and agree that my first mail was very weird and any sane woman would be alarmed to read it. My second mail to her is NOT a victory banner, I'm sure the lady will get back to me with a whack-ass reply and I'll add it to this post whenever that happens. I'm taking no names and with all due respect to the bright intelligent lady (she is so freaking talented that if you would ever read her profile on, u'd be left with a hanging kidding) who was sweet enough to leave room for an explanation to my first mail. If this is anything, this is an example of how stupid some men (like me) can be at communicating things and then how wily they cover up for it later. READ ON and LAUGH (but only at me):

Jesse Sebastian Samuel 20 June at 01:11
hi, I wonder if u recognize How are you doing? I'm afraid I've just kept that profile on due to parental pressure and really don't plan to marry for another 3 odd years but does that stop us from being friends? I really hope you don't find this to be offensive.
So you're a writer and that's awesome. Was wondering if you could give me tips about how to start writing a book (that i already have ideas in my head about what to write). I've been writing a blog myself for sometime now and have published a few articles in newspapers as well.
So? Friends?

XXXXXXX (Name will not be disclosed) 20 June at 15:34 Report
you are right.. I quite don't recognize you? WHat is your id?
If I'm not wrong, you must 30+ odd years and are you telling me that you cannot stand up to your parents and tell them that you don't want to be married for how many ever years.

Don't you think that you are on the wrong website to be making friends? If this was the case, why did you not tell on but you manage to find me on Facebook to send a mail?

Something is not right about this whole thing unless you convince me otherwise.

Jesse Sebastian Samuel 21 June at 01:27

Apologies; I didn't quite mean to incite such a reaction but it is quite understandable, considering the contents of my previous mail that I'd typed in a hurry.

If the first line of my mail sounded cocky, plz forgive me and allow me to explain. I am SH58620208 from and you'd expressed interest in me on 9th June 2010.

I am not on to find friends but indeed to find a life partner. I'd let the spacio-temporal aspect of that be my prerogative. However, I've taken note of your concern and have now mentioned on my profile that I do not wish to marry soon.

Even if I wanted to communicate with you on this matter (tips on how to write a book) on (wouldn't that be more weird?), i couldn't because I'm not a paid member yet and since facebook is free, I thought I'd approach you here on the matter.

If I would've communicated with you about this on Facebook without referring to our, you would've found out about that connection sooner than later and probably raised your eyebrow higher up.

However it was on your shaadi profile that I read that you’ve authored some books (I checked out some of their blurbs and outline). I therefore I gave the reference of the However I should've probably put it together in a better way than I did; sorry for that.

I was instantly excited about the fact that I had the opportunity to communicate with an author. I believe I got carried away and went gungho about it; another fault.

Like I said, I write too, in my own small way. True, it didn’t take much to find out if you existed on Facebook; just a name search.

I greatly appreciate the fact that you write and at level that you’ve published your own books. I plan to write one myself but I guess I'll manage without tips from a pro :)

No hard feelings,
Kind regards,


BronzegoddessSpeaks said...

...and that writer also thinks that this the sweetest literary thing that any guy has done for her in recent times. She loves it and is curious to know how this post would end.

Jesse said...

yikes!! Bright it's you right?
Oka glad u like it. You know how it ends :)