Friday, March 11, 2011

I was reading something about child-rights and chanced upon an article on the Times of India website. Having finished reading it, I noticed a link to another article titled "5 best positions to get pregnant". Though of no particular interest to me as of now, I still thought I should increase my knowledge.

The article turned out to be quite a farce. It mentioned five "things" as being best to aid conception (pardon me for this but it really was there on the website so here goes):

Raised hips

Now the first three are man-on-top, the next on the side. Ok! According to my diminutive knowledge on the subject, apart from kinky fetish and kamasutra stuff, the only broad category left is the woman-on-top, which apparently another article by TOI suggests is one of the most successful sexual positions at giving woman an orgasm. So they're contradicting the story as a whole. And last but not least, orgasm. This pretty much suggests that any form of penetration will cause pregnancy.

They also forgot the most important point: Erection. Ah! We Indian men just circumvent all our responsibilities LOL! Articles like these really amuse me. They really don't disburse any real knowledge.

Since TOI seems to be covering sex well, here's a link to another one of their articles on sex

I will refrain from adding my own experiences about the topic but I wonder if it's as bad as they're saying it is. What I can't refrain from is quoting a part of the article, here goes

"Technology can help: Perhaps the most extreme solution for sexual dysfunction among women is the so-called "orgasmatron"-an implant inserted into the spinal cord, which stimulates the user when switched on via a remote control. Despite an initial struggle to find subjects for clinical testing, the device is now in development."

Wow! A remote controlled babe to make out with, what could be more utopic than that. Talk about technology.

Here's more TOI on technology for you:
Female marrow could turn to sperm (eeks! Brothers our balls will be redundant soon)
New reproductive technology could render men redundant (wonderful! not just the balls they mean)

They're talking ways to address pregnancy. Really, tell me, do we need this, there's a kid being born every other second in our country? Why not concentrate more on enjoying the experience. You should be a traveller, an adventurer, enjoy the journey while you reach the destination.

& Have less babies please.


sukhsohit singh said...

ON a kid being born every Second:
Santa at his usual best was addressing an audience on the world population day: " In India a women gives birth to a child every 10 seconds" exclaimed Santa.
Banta rose up and said: "lets find that women and stop her."

Jesse said...

Banta's absolutely right, we must stop her :D

sukhsohit singh said...

On a kid being born in our country every second:
Santa on addressing an audience on ""the World Population Day"" exclaimed: "" in India, a women gives birth to a child, every ten seconds.""
Banta rose up and said: ""lets find that women and stop her""......