Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Again it's the blues
my world's losin it's hues
It's been days and
I yearn for good news

or even a harbinger
No sweet sensations linger
Just when the mind's blank
and there's nothing to muse
there's nothing, I tell myself
so there's nothing to lose

Walls talk to me
ghosts are my friends
I embrace shadows
I cast myself from within

It's my own face
I gently stroke
between the mirror and I
there's a blinding smoke

I dream of greatness
lying unconscious
In the realms of reality
my hands extended for alms
I'll do big things I do foresee
I'm at peace with my tenacity

strength to strength
I heal and renew
As I turn
the blue to grey
I pick my colours
and paint my way

1 comment:

Suchreet said...

love it! especially the end..

and 'ghosts are my friends'.. hmm.. thank u!