Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rain on

As they creep up and cover the sky
I watch the ominous sight and sigh
These ones are not that give just shade
these ones are here to show their rage

A blanket dark and dense
One that has no pretense
Down below the gale gesticulates
Nature's opening its floodgates

Thunder roars with a message clear
Lightening flashes the message of fear
"take cover" every life that moves
or be struck by the bolt's hooves

Then as they start to fall
They hit the big and the small
Sneering arrows of the Cloud
Relentless as it glides by, proud

And then it all mellows down
The green shimmers, now rid of brown
Its shower time for things immobile
I was foolish to think of it vile

There must be a farmer, happier now
The sweat washed off his wrinkled brow
There he dances in elation
As I worry about reaching my destination

I see that Love too celebrates in the rain
Gone is the hurt, and the pain
As they walk holding each other’s hands
Now resolute, they’ve taken a stand

As they fall the drops touch me too
And reveal two points of view
As one sits and accumulates rust,
Another washes off it’s dust

So is everything else we face
The same moment’s for one to rest
For another to race, as he
reaches out for the crest

But let me not get stuck in the
Human wisdom’s muck
Let me see, smell, feel, hear and taste
These were not given to me in vain
They were only gifted, for me to
Enjoy the rain

(Started 09/09/09, when it was raining heavily but left it midway. Completed on 12/11/09; I was hungry so I munched on this leftover food for thought)

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