Friday, November 27, 2009

Boot camp Harley

I registered myself for Harley Davidson boot-camp on the internet yesterday. There was a button that said “win your place in the boot camp” so I opted for it because being a part of the Harley Davidson boot camp costs 3500 bucks! I just had to give my name, address, age and the bike I own and punch in 30 words saying why I deserve to be in the boot camp. I didn’t know what boot camp really meant in this context but I figured I’d get to ride a Harley (maybe for a couple of days) so I wrote something like this (I don’t remember the exact words) “I’ve done long roads, many a time, bad ones on my Bullet. I’d like to know what it feels like to do it with more power, control and technical finesse.” I remember that the one I actually wrote was also 29 or 30 words.
In all probability, these lines were unimpressive but what the heck, that’s all I could manage surfing Harley website for a few minutes, hiding from my boss. I really don’t know of any person who knows about motorcycles and doesn’t wish to ride (and of course own, if possible) a Harley Davidson. I especially like the SPORTSTER; it impresses me with its bobber looks and crouching posture. It seems like it’s ready to spring into action at the twist of that throttle.

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