Sunday, November 01, 2009

Have a nice day

30th October 2009
I am really angry right now. I’ve been angry for a long time though I haven’t been able to figure out why. Its 2215hrs, my head is dizzy. I think I’ve been a little overexposed to radioactivity in the lab somehow. I think it was when I was using the vortex machine.

But the anger started to seed in the morning when the neighbour was being cocky.

Or was it when I realized that the motorcycle tyre was loosing air pressure despite my replacing its valve. Or was it when I read that blog-post “dirty education” ( and remembered the time I worked as a lecturer in a private college.

Or maybe it was when I had to get the puncture fixed and I was overcharged by the guy. Or was it?

I think it was when boss sarcastically suggested that we’d sit and discuss about what I’d been upto lately.

Or was it when the security guard asked me to park my bike in a certain way. That was totally dumb because he told me to park it 180 degrees to the way in which I was parking it, so it takes the same place…why the difference in orientation? Does the motorcycle God live in that direction and all bikes must be parked facing that direction?

But that’s not something that’d make me lose it the way I’m fuming now. Maybe it was in the evening when I nearly got run over by a bus, then by a car for no fault of my own. None of the aforementioned people gave any indication of turning but just did so at high speed. Thank God my bike has a disc brake or I would’ve been down with some broken discs. I wanted to pull these people out of their vehicles and wring their necks.

Or maybe it was that stinker friend of mine who made fun of me when I told her that my BP was surging, she said that it was perfectly normal to happen in old men; I stopped myself from wringing her neck.

Maybe it’s because that lazy-ass (my best friend) hasn’t still gotten the paper work done of the scooter he purchased from me one and a half years ago; I’ve been reminding him lately, in vain. Today, like everyday, the reminder popped and like everyday I sent him a message and like everyday, he was perfectly deaf to my reminders and blind to my growing restlessness.

Maybe it was mom, every night she brings me a big mug of milk that she’s clasping with both hands and doesn’t let me touch it saying “It is way too hot, you’ll burn your hands.” I snapped back at her today, “Your hands aren’t burning right? So just let go of the cup ok!”

No I think it was the radioactivity for this was just a day like any other.

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