Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Blogger's Park

Yesterday, five of us met. "We" are people who blog. The mundane day passed rather slowly and by the time we all met I still had some bit of energy left that I spent in cracking wise jokes. By the time people actually started to talk sense, I was a spent force. I went into a trance like state, oblivious to the conversation and started to observe the sights and odours around me.

From whatever little I heard, here are some of the topics that were dicussed (with my answers in brackets, wherever I could answer i.e.):

Veronika decides to die by PC!
How difficult it is to help the destitute! (Very, that's why not everyone can.)
Sigmund freud Vs Sigmund fraud! (I know just one thing about him; he's dead.)
Dalhousie is beautiful. Please comment! (Must be)
The electricity problem in Punjab! (Heck! it's ok... what about the overexcess of electricity inside a random gain some, you lose some)
Sizzlers cause air pollution. Can they also harm your body then? plz comment. (Doesn't matter as long as they taste good)
Why would an African tribal not want to climb Mt. Everest? (Err!! because he spends all his time to gather food and protect himself from lions using spears??)
Why would a New Zealander want to do so? (Errr!! Because he's probably rich and doesn't have to gather food/protect himself/ family from animals and has the time to think of doing so??)
What's the similarity between Whitney Houston and a canine? (Both can howl at high pitch)

Other topics I would've like to discuss were:

Why do dimly lit places make me sleepy? (Unless of course I'm on a date with my girl)
What is the need to have a huge mirror placed in front of a urinal? (Don't know, I kept standing there trying to figure out vain.)
Why I do not understood psychology like psychology students do?

Why are some noodles flat? (I guess I have the answer to that...because they can be made like that...just like Mt. Everest can be climbed)
If neurotics start writing, do they turn into psychotics?

If psychotics start writing, would be treated as idiot-savants?
What kind of a conversation does a neurotic have with another neurotic?
What kind of a conversation does a psychotic have with another psychotic?
What kind of a conversation does a neurotic have with a psychotic?

Why do some people make use of so many hand gestures while conversing?

By the way I just received a mail while writing this blog and it shows The largest flower is of a plant named Amorphophallus titanum...if you see the flower, you'll immediately understand why the plant has that hilarious name.
Ok Ok so I'll end the joking session now. On a more serious note, it felt good to know that there are others like me for who writing is the road to their inner self. It is sporadic, intense and compulsive. The big question was "how can we possibly retain the 'intense' and 'compulsive' part and replace 'sporadic' with 'consistent', I think we all took it home as holiday homework for it was never discussed. My problem with doing that is that for me to write, I need to be alone for sometime. A quiet time when a chain of thoughts start to move, part reality, part fiction generated by my opnion on a particular subject. Strangely when I start to indulge socially, the 'need' to write vanishes. Probably because the thoughts generated over conversations are immediately put across as words in real time. Since I'm not a quick thinker, I find it difficult to strike good conversations. Writing however gives me time to ponder over my thoughts and analyze them for their logic. Anyway this post is exactly like a one sided verbal conversation. Besides, my guide has just left the lab and others in the lab are playing music at loud volume, the kind that can be aptly described as jarring cacophony, so I must end this post. GRRRRrrr!!

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Ashish said...

You are a quick writer for sure :-) The first one to update the blog as a follow up to the evening. And that's what actually matters.