Thursday, November 19, 2009

Now's moving

My head’s dizzy, just enough,
to hallucinate that I’m in love
the one that was never mine
the one that happened
twenty times nine

My eyes see things unseen
It’s pitch dark but these trees
look so green
the lights flashing at the distance
tell me to go on, despite
my resistance

tell me my friend, do you want advice?
I’ll give it from the bottom of my heart
Though it might be filled with vice
Tell me too, what to do of all this despair
Tell me why life’s to me anything
but fair

The night is cold but I’m not
I’m on fire
right now I’m The Zealot
these visions make the real surreal
being alive right now is no big deal

Death wouldn’t end me now
I’ll leave this flesh,
and live on somehow
I’m intangible, I’m a soul
Right now, I’m with myself
I’m complete, I’m whole
Tomorrow I’ll be another book
eating dust on the shelf

A book with many chapters
One of which deals with rapture
a time when it’s just about me
beyond which nothing else I see

That’s the last one I’m sure
Dear friend I’ll have no more
Time to drink just got over
Must hurry back home,
though I would’ve like it slower

I’m just another beggar on the street
An invalid trying to find his feet
A voice from a throat parched and dry
Or maybe a mind that’s just gone awry

The surreal now looks more real
With regret for things I just said
I admit, I’m better off alive
than dead

I don’t care Heaven or Hell
This is my time I’ll spend it well
I see them both every now and then
I see them in the form of men

Tomorrow I’ll start another day
in the empire
and live with angels that switch
over to vampires
But who am I to point fingers when
my dear, I’m just one of them

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