Thursday, October 07, 2010

unending endings

Yeah, it's not the end.

Season of "mellow fruitlessness" will give way to winters soon. Soon the holiday season will be around the corner, soon there will be cake-making, drinking and eating and the emptiness covered with noises and carols and praise & worship; Jesus is born, let's eat, drink and make merry! I too will enter my thirty-first year of life soon.

Soon the day will start to lose the battle to the night which will become longer and colder and more silent. Staring out of the open window, there will be no creaking of the crickets and other insects, or even people strolling around, neither will there be the noises of the ACs and the fans to mask-out the deathly silence. My numb nose will smell nothing, the cold breeze will blow on my face bringing respite from the silence by shaking the leaves on those trees. Though there will hardly be any leaves left and every rustle will make a few more yellow and dying ones fall gently on a sea of others like itself.

Soon there will be weddings and the love of the cold will be wiped from the memories forever. Warmth and reassurance will lock the cold outside. Soon they'll have too much to stay indoors for than to step out in the arms of the echos of their footsteps that are so pronounced in the cold blistering foggy nights. While the cold peeps into the homes of those that don't welcome it, I'll open my door, embrace it and walk into it, like walking in a still picture cept for that mysterious owl that usually follows me and hoots, as if trying to converse; I've always wished I could talk to it.

Soon a new year will start, and just after the celebrations are over, it will get colder and when the fog descends, it will blur the reality which will appear surreal, beautiful and dream-like.

So much will appear and then end so soon. I will witness yet another change in the stillness of life.

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