Friday, October 08, 2010

this and that

I was watching a very interesting serial on skyscrapers on History Channel and was amazed at the inception of the concept. About how stone couldn't be used as a material to build very tall building owing to it's weight and about how steel and concrete revolutionized the heights to which a skyscraper could go. Also about how the mammoths are kept from sinking into the soil under their own weight, how cooling is achieved and how these buildings are made safe from the elements of high wind and earthquakes.

As I flipped the channel to Discovery, I got to watch "The Detonators" and saw the art and science of tearing down old big buildings by implosions (inward explosions).

Both the architects and the detonators talked about their subjects like there was nothing more to the world than their job; great to see the level of passion there.

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