Thursday, September 30, 2010

For me when it comes to a bike, I should be able to take a glimpse of it and feel the oomph! None is felt when I look at either the Mahindra MOJO 300 or the Honda VTR 250, althought I definitely find the VTR better looking. Considering all the hype that was created around Mojo, I'm not really pleased with the final product. They definitely could've made something better looking while maintaining the goodies they've provided on the bike.

However one look at the specifications of the Mojo and I gradually feel that the oomph is definitely there, albeit sitting under the fuel tank. Those specs are really good. Fuel injected, liquid cooled 300cc single, 11:1 compression, DOHC engine sounds really good. Apart from that, there are other goodies: inverted forks are a welcome change from the rest; they reduce the unlaiden weight and therefore improve handling and performance. Tyre specs are impressive as well. Top view reveals the aerodynamically optimized body, monoshocks and disc brakes are impressive as well and there is no doubt in my mind that this bike would perform really well. I hear that it was designed in Italy (REALLY!! they actually designed that ugly toad there?) Maybe they should've consulted Moto Guzzi, or maybe talked to Ducati about the design while they were borrowing their fuel injection system! I really haven't come across an ugly Italian bike or at least one that even looks like the Mojo.

Having said that, it seems like on road, it would be a head turner owing to it's size and sound (hopefully). I sadly christian it "The toad of the road" although a very agile one, a very strong one maybe one that grows on me someday but for now, if i have 1,75,000 Rupees (ex showroom Pune) burning a hole in my pocket, I'd head straight to Royal Enfield (it's slightly low on power but way ahead in terms of torque and's a 500cc powerplant...and what the heck, if fuel efficiency is your concern, it's fuel eff is nearly 40% more than the of the Mojo's) and buy their 500 Classic and save the remaining 50 grands to go for a long long ride; It looked pretty 50 years ago, it still looks beautiful. Technology will always evolve in mobikes but the "beauty of the brawn" is a very very important factor. When I saw Mojo's pictures, I was stunned...about the fact that this is what I was waiting to look at???!! Oh No! The twin headlamps look ugly on the bike, totally contrary to what such twins look on a Triumph Rocket-3 (Tri-oomph Tri-oomph oomph)!

However I like the bike's profile and the rear (but somehow for me, it really doesn't go well with the front end which is downright UGLY). The fuel tank is such an important aesthetic feature and it's such a downer on the Mojo, at least it looks like that in the pictures. Shucks! Nice engine wasted! OK! OK! I'll go with the fuel tank but the headlamps...Yuck! I think the Malaguti MR 250 which inspired the Mojo is such an awesome looking bike and the only outer difference between the two is the headlamp-meter assembly, which on the MR250 resembles that of the Yamaha FZ and looks great. Mojo?? I dunno what came over the designer to shove those two blobs into the front, almost pointing away from each other (though I'm sure that will provide a wider beam area but still man!). You can sit and design the best performance oriented ugly bike, the trick is to keep the performance and keep the bike beautiful. If I cover the headlamp though, I love the rest of the bike for sure.
But with those headlamps, I christian the Mojo as the Motor-Joker! A well built Joker! a Joker that can grapple bad terrain, a joker that can beat others on track, a joker that can probably even jump the highest but at the end of the day, you look at it and go SHUCKS! It looks like a joker. At the end of the day, if I'm gonna shell out that much of money, I'd wait and see how the VTR is priced rather than ride the mojo feeling embarrassed about people gazing at me with a question mark on their faces and an obvious question in their mind...WHAT THE HECK IS THAT??

But between VTR and Mojo, I'd go for a VTR if it's of a comparable price (even if a wee bit higher). It's definitely a prettier bike and carried the Japanese reliability along with the V-Twin engine.
Given below are specs for both the bikes (taken from, and

Model Name VTR250
Engine Type Liquid-cooled 4-stroke DOHC V-twin
Power: 22kW/10,500min-1
Torque: 22Nm/8,500min-1
Bore & Stroke 60 x 44.2mm
Compression Ratio 11 : 1
Displacement 250cc
Ignition: Computer-controlled fully transistorised with electronic advance
Carburation: PGM-FI electronic fuel injection
Starter Electric
Transmission 5 speed
Final Drive O-ring sealed chain
Dimensions (mm) 2,070 x 725 x 1,055 (LxWxH)
Wheel Base (mm) 1405
Seat Height (mm) 775
Ground Clearance (mm) 155
Fuel Capacity (litres) 12.4 litres (including 2-litre reserve)
Front Tyres 110/70 17M/C (54H)
Rear Tyres 140/70 17M/C (66H)
Front Wheel Z-type cross-section 5-spoke cast aluminium
Rear Wheel Z-type cross-section 5-spoke cast aluminium
Front Brakes: 296mm single hydraulic disc dual piston caliper and resin mould pads
Rear Brakes 220mm hydraulic disc with single-piston caliper and resin mould pads
Kerb Weight (kg) 161kg (F: 77kg; R: 84kg)
Warranty Period 12 Months
Max. Carrying Capacity 336kg
Loaded Weight 340kg (F: 114kg; R: 226kg)

Mahindra MOJO
Overall length x width x height in mm 2100 x 830 x 1270
Seat Height in mm 820
Wheelbase, in mm 1450
Minimum ground clearance 150
Kerb Weight 160 kgs
Engine Type DOHC Single Cylinder, Liquid Cooled, 4 Valves – Direct Drive, SI
Displacement 292 cc
Bore x Stroke 78 mm x 61.2 mm
Compression Ratio 11 : 1
Maximum Power 19.3 kW @ 8500 rpm
Maximum Torque 24 N.m @ 7000 rpm
Starting System Self Start
Ignition System ECU (Electronic Control Unit)
Fuel Tank Capacity in liters 15.5 Ltr
Transmission Type / Gear Box Constant Mesh, 6 speed
Frame Type Twin Tube Exposed frame in Steel, Shining yellow painted;
Diamond Frame
Wheel Type Alloy Wheel
Rim Size (Front / Rear) Front 2.75 x 17”; Rear 4.00 x 17”
Tire Size (Front / Rear) – Tubeless 100/80 – 17” (Front) 150/60 -17”
(Rear)- radial
Brake Type (Front / Rear) Disc 320 mm (Front); Disc 220 mm (Rear);
Suspension Type
Inverted fork Telescopic hydraulic-damped (Front);
120 mm stroke Horizontally mounted Mono Shox; air + hydraulic damping(Rear)
Battery 12V, 9 AH; Maintenance Free
Head Lamp
Twin Beams; 35W / 35W X 2; Halogen Bulb (Multi Reflector Type)
Marker / Pilot Lamps 4 LED’s each side, above twin beam Head Lights
Tail Lamp LED based (with 12 LED’s)

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