Friday, June 18, 2010

Shall we?

Scared of marriage. Why? I might totally be in love with her but...

Firstly about the kind of person I might marry: will she like me or the false image she might create of me? Same goes about her. I hope she's not a pretender...doesn't seem like.

Will being from a different place make a big difference?
I love independent women but will she be so fiercely independent that she'll find it difficult to think of us a family?
Will she love my simple folks?

I guess finance is the next important subject. I've been foolish enough to not have saved anything but since I have started to save now, will my monthly stipend of 18 grands suffice? I guess it should with us having a house of our own. But I still need to save some amount and quickly so.

Won't it be just amazing to be married to someone so lively, creative and honest. Someone of my age but one who still believes in love. Man! i think of it and it brings a big smile on my face. But shouldn't I get to know her better first? Sometimes I wonder if that'd make a difference.

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