Friday, June 04, 2010

As soon as I

26th May 2010

I will “do it” when I wake up
As soon as I’ve slept enough
I will be nice, I will be polite
As soon I’m tired of being gruff

I’ll settle in, I’ll stay put
As soon as I’m tired of riding
I’ll appreciate
As soon as I’m done chiding

I’ll smile soon
As soon as I’m done crying
I’ll be honest
As soon as I’m done lying

I’ll reveal myself
As soon as I’m done with pretense
I’ll be sane, I’ll be humble
As soon as I give up overconfidence

I’ll help others
As soon as I’m done being selfish
I’ll serve you too
As soon as I finish my own dish

Sooner for you could be later for me
Time is freedom but still a trap
I’ll do something at least
As soon as I’m done writing this crap

It’s good to not be bad
but being nothing at all; that’s most sad
Oh! And I’ll stop procrastinating too
But I think I’ll start in a day or two


e said...

Loved this piece Jesse James !!! Lolzz I am thinking this could be me !! Lolzz

neha said...

hi jesse,

some really good ones this year!!