Friday, June 04, 2010

Bye Bye: The Sequel

10th May 2010
Today I met Ekta for the last time (at least for a long time to come). Ekta Bajaj, a figure from the past, more than a decade and a half ago. The three years I was in St. Stephens’ I must’ve probably said no more than “excuse me” to her. She was a stranger to me frankly and yet in latter part of last year, I received a comment on my blog from her that said “never knew way back in school that you could write so well”. I carried so much of pain from the memories of school years that for some inexplicable reason, this comment meant the world to me. I wanted to post the comment as a post on my blog but felt that people would think I’ve turned into narcissist.

I talked to Ekta two or three times on the phone and then met her once last month and we talked like we were great friends from the past, shared so many things about so many people from school, things that formed a bond of great friendship between us. Then in between our plans to meet again didn’t materialize one or two times. After that, we only got to meet today evening.

We talked and laughed non-stop so loud as soon as we met that the massive Sunday crowd at the lake constantly gawked at us but we couldn’t care less. And then she said, “I have some news I wanna share with you.” And this has happened so many times before with other ladies that I just responded by saying, “CONGRATULATIONS” I just knew she’d been fixed up with some guy for marriage even before she said it. I have this effect on women; they meet me and soon find their life partner. MAN!!! It’s strange but true. She inquired about what happened between me and ex to have parted to my first reply was the usual, “Shit happened” before I actually told her the real thing. Sitting at the lake always reminds me of the two most beautiful and special times I spent with my ex there: the surreal morning and the surreal night…just a quick passing thought and then I told her about it like I tell it to almost anyone who accompanies me there. Anyway I was really happy for Ekta, we carried on with our talks, much of which comprised silly anecdotes, jokes and make-believe situations that we almost literally fell off the bench laughing. Then one of the better compliments I’ve received in life “You should get married Jesse, you’re a nice catch really.” Ah!! MADE MY DAY!! What thirty-nothing and single guy wouldn’t just love to hear that coming from a girl.
She’ll be shifting to Singapore with her husband after their wedding. It got quite late and she was extremely sweet to have stayed back that long. I walked her to her car which happened to be parked some distance away towards to the village end of The Lake.

Today when we hugged me just before parting, my heart almost sank (just for a second) at that fact that this was goodbye. I was sad but I smiled and joked as we parted. Man! I’d just made a great friend and lost her so soon. I’d thoroughly enjoyed the walks and talks with her and was so happy also at the fact that she was someone from a distant past. What do you know about life? Had someone told us way back in school that we’d be great pals one day after 14-15years and so suddenly, we both would’ve said “Yeah! And pigs will fly.” This evening she opened my eyes to a new possibility in life. I was no short of shockingly amazed at her struggles in life. I couldn’t help but marvel at the efforts she took in life to reach where she is and am so happy that she’s found this amazing guy for a husband. Surely Ekta’s life is a one that I find most enchanting and inspiring.

Anyway the long walk back alone was filled with fear for my bike's safety because it was parked in some pitch black area. It was dark and I totally confused the place where I'd parked it. I found it after a long search and the first thing I checked was the fuel pipe. The last time I parked it there was the time I was with my ex-girl and someone stole petrol. I felt so sure that this was the person I was gonna spend the rest of my life with. I so fell in love with her again that night. BACK TO REALITY! If it were to happen again, it would be a lonely ordeal. It was pitch dark and secluded but my bike was safe. There was no company this time, just a soft kick to the pawl, the engine’s roar and off I went riding alone. I concentrated on the road ahead while breathing in the fragrance of the eucalyptus trees in that area.


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God Bless

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You write really well.

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Thank you Suraz and microCB. Hey what does mircoCB stand for?