Thursday, June 17, 2010


Just another man, just another woman
Walking through life and wondering
Who’s best to share it with?
Who will understand who you are?
Then boldly hold your hand,
Accept the things you do
and for those that you stand
Accept your past, both bitter and sweet
Who is this person and when will you meet
Did you not think you met the last time
Or the time before that,
You sit and recall those special moments
Times that you cherished and thought,
this is it
you fell in love, like you’d never before
you held each other’s hands and you were sure
of walking together forever and ever
Such times always follow the bad ones
Trails that test your bond
You hate one another, yet are bonded by love
You rant and rave
about the mistake that you made
Till one day everything’s fine
You’re walking together again,
Sunshine or rain
Then you start to plan the future
Of a time that never comes
“we” wither and die
You open your eyes
Your vision is clearer
But you realize that
you’ve turned into a wayfarer
then you do what wayfarers do best
you walk on
and wonder if this is it
and you leave the rest

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