Monday, April 19, 2010


Some things end in a flash
Others smolder slowly
before they to turn to ash
Day’s left me ached to the bone
A nap’s snapped me out
Of the red zone
Slowly I crawl out of my bed
Wishing I could jump out instead
My room is in such a mess
The sight adds ten quids to my stress
When suddenly I wanna play
I wanna play the game
So life’s not the same again
Wanna run and catch the verve
that’s seeping down the drain
I wanna soar away
To a place where
they don’t know my name
Wanna shout out with joy
Even if they call me insane
I wanna jump high
And reach out for another plain
I wanna do more
And not have any excuses lame
Ride fast those curves
Even if sometime they
confuse my brain
Dive in so deep
And watch my freedom
stick to no lanes
So what if the day’s nearing an end
So what if there’s nothing left to defend
I guess I’ll just live the moment
that’s slipping away
For who knows that in it
I might just “live” my day.