Monday, April 26, 2010

Is this goodbye?

I just woke up to my ringing cell phone. I thought it was the alarm I’d set in it but realized that this was the ringtone, not the alarm-tone. I got hold of the phone and saw that it was a call from the Sisters. I didn’t know what to expect and quickly took the call.
“Good morning sister” I wished without knowing which Sister it was.
“Good morning Jesse. Jesse we’re leaving.” said Sister Annie.
“When? Where?” I shot back
“Our provincial has decided that enough is enough and we need to be out of this place. You know how difficult things have been for us here. God knows if Father Sebastian will appoint some other Sisters for this place. We’ll pray for the children here but really we’ve been pushed to the limit here and cannot take the way the treat us anymore. It’s better that we go away.” she confessed.
“where are you going?” I asked
“Don’t know yet Jesse. It could anywhere even Nepal.” said Sister Annie
“Oh!! How will we ever meet again? But I understand Sister, it’s been very hard for you here. By what date are you planning to leave?” I asked.
“We will leave by 15th of May, though it hasn’t been decided.” she said
“Well…ok then sister. I’ll come and visit you as much as I can till you’re here” I said unsure about what to say next as a million memories started to flash past my mind. The memories of three years and the thought that Riti just last evening, said that she planned to spend a whole Sunday with the Sisters soon after her exam a month away.
“Sure Jesse. Do come. Ok then bye. See you soon.” She said
“Bye Sister.” I replied and we hung up.
Then the thoughts crossed me: What next? Shall inform Riti first? Or shall I expedite the long delayed help that some people had offered to the kids because I might never be able to get into the Children’s Home once the sisters leave? Shall I talk to the sisters about how we can sustain the outside help to the kids even after they leave?
I picked up the cell again and frantically started to type a message to Riti…but I deleted it as I didn’t wanna be the harbinger of bad news. I knew the Sisters had probably either called her already or will call her right after she talked to me. I just waited for Riti’s message which did come in a while.
We both plan to visit the Children’s Home this evening.

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