Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Nikah Triangle

Shoaib claims that he has never met the Ayesha, whose photo was sent to him for nuptial approval and Sania claims she knows everything. Ayesha actually turned out to be the girl who claimed to be the so called Ayesha’s elder sister! Yikes!! Oh no!! So this wasn’t the hot and sexy Ayesha (sexy name anyway) that Shoiab was dreaming of. I’ve seen fat girls who’re beautiful but this Ayesha isn’t one of them. Every time I see her on TV I feel like pulling her cheeks and saying “Aww you mischievous Vixen! Now look what you did to li’l Shoaib. Ummm! Naughty knotty”. If what Shoaib is saying is true, he’s an incredible idiot and if what Ayesha is saying is true, he’s still an incredible idiot. Ayesha says that she has people who will testify of her and Shoaib spending time alone in a hotel room.
Shoaib was dim-witted enough to take nuptial vows on the phone—arre shaadi hi to hai, to kya hua, baad mein talaaqh de doonga—and bizarre to now be saying that the same action doesn’t solemnize a marriage. How dumb is that! Correction, how shameless is that! Sania don’t waste those two legs of yours sweetheart………concentrate on tennis (heh heh heh what were you thinking). That Ayesha in picture was sexy, Sania is sexy; Shoaib you are a sexy maniac. Ah! Pardon me, who doesn’t want a beautiful bride. Shoaib you’re such a bloody paradox personified that you should be ‘punished’ with celibacy….and no non-marital sex either, you sexy maniac.
Well I’ll just put a cork on this already jaded controversy.

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