Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Kiss me not, piss me not!!

A British couple in Dubai might face imprisonment for kissing in public. An Emirati woman sued them for the same because she was accompanied by her children when they came face to face with the perpetrators. I am sure what prompted her to go to the police was her children’s curiosity about what they saw. Ha ha ha poor kids probably were oblivious to the act of kissing living in the UAE. I guess they don’t consider it appropriate to touch and fondle the apparatus of your body meant to speak and ingest food with that of your partner; HEY WHAT’s WRONG WITH SHAKING HANDS?—they’ll probably ask. Hey!! Isn’t this the place where they have flashy cars, humungous hotels and all that money can buy and you can’t kiss in public? O HO!! I’m sorry I forgot, you can’t do so in my country either. If you’re caught kissing in public, you’ll face the bastinado. Both police forces are sensitive to the sight of touch; the moral police and the city police who think you’re soft targets to extort money—Oh please don’t call up my folks or all hell will break lose. If for some stupid, ‘unnatural’ reason, you end up kissing your girl outside and get caught, you’re doomed unless you have some money to stuff in the police-wala’s mouth. It’s perfectly alright to kill women for dowry or other pretext—of course, wedding also gives you the 007 licence—but dare you show affection in public, it’s gonna be taken a very very serious offence. The choice for us is simple right, between love/affection and hate/scorn, the latter is always more conveniently pleasing to us. I wonder why I was surprised at the Dubai news after all, the same would’ve happened in India as well and even worse treatment could’ve been metted out at the couple.

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