Wednesday, March 10, 2010

H.U.R.T. is a subset of TRUTH

I got promoted to a Senior Research Fellow yesterday. Nobody didn’t but my interview went really well.
Fighting the night before I faced a losing battle; circular reasoning doesn’t aid in reaching conclusions. I found solace in the words of “After the thrill is gone” by The Eagles.
I doubt the very concept of truth and reality. The world’s green when you wear green glasses and red when you wear red. Come to think of it, the actual colors that we see aren’t the same to other animals that perceive different wavelength of light or are compromised in color perception. My truth is not necessarily your truth. Jesus is coming, suicide bombers go to heaven, evolution was and is going on, Husain’s paintings are sacrilegious, the middle path will lead you to nirvana; truth of life for some, unimportant for others.
People are ready to live by their truths and die for them but what is the ultimate truth? Does one exist? Even science doesn’t have The Theory of Everything. How important is its pursuit. If it is really about attaining nirvana, why the mad rush? If it really is about survival of the fittest, should I annihilate my adversaries and mate with all willing women and produce as many offsprings as possible? What makes me a man? Is it all out there or is it just a figment of my imagination? The imagination that spawns in the organ we call brain; the blob that helps us sense and perceive our world, the jelly that gets trained to think in a certain way over a period of time, concocts ‘the’ truth and then directs the rest of your voluntary faculties to follow the same. It can make you live and die for it, it can make you produce life or take it, it can make you caring or indifferent. So you think you’ll go to heaven by taking a holy dip and atone for your sins. What’s sin? Is sin bad? Why? Because we know so? How do we know so? Because we have a conscience? Who developed it? God or society or is it a part of being human? If you have a definite answer, how do you have one? Is there a way to test your belief? Shall we raise two cohorts of human young ones, not teach anything humane to one and drown the other in concepts of love and humanity to finally have an answer? Do you know what the result of such a study will conclude? If you do, how do you know so? Am I sounding crazy to you? Do you want to lambast me? If yes, is it because my words are going against ‘your truth’? How do you know that your truth is the truth? Did your life teach it to you? Is someone else’s truth, not in line with yours, true or false?
I don’t know what the truth is. I don’t even know if truth is really the truth…Heck! I don’t even know if she loves me.
What is love? .... the question can only progress into the following lines … “baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more”…and heck yeah, those beats make me wanna dance. Who cares about the truth, there’s music.


manas said...

The Truth is always relative, is what i feel..
Back in school we came across a term 'Universal Truth' like the Sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Every other truth is relative, from one sub culture to another. Love, Happiness, Aspiration

If you see it all its the problem of Language, a skill us human have taken immense pride in leading to vanity.

If we see communication/language, it stems from the fact that man needs to come out of his alienated surroundings. with our surroundings.In short this race is a very needy race. Eons ago Man described water by taking out a sound "waa-ter" which described an object (Universal Truth), but if we see 'emotions' are all intangible and relative to each and every individual. Let us take music as an example - The early inception of music (without lyrics) would be boundariless, a piece of music could resonate in a completely different way individual to individual.But today we have only one theme to the song, what the lyricist had to say about his/her own screwed up life etc...Wont life have been so simple if we did not have Language... I wonder

Well i have rambled enough and this thought can go on and on..

See ya

Jesse said...

very true, that some truths can be considered universal like the eg of the sun rising in the east. However I do not see how love or happiness can be related to such universal truth. Love, let us say the love a mother for it's young one, can itself be considered as a universal truth.
I feel that Language, the complex language that humans use, is something inherent to humans because we have a huge brain, compared in proportion to any other animal since we have a substantial portion of the brain dedication to this faculty. Also I wonder if language evolved due to man's need to come out of "his alienated surroundings [sic]". I also believe that "eons" [sic] ago. man did not exist (we're the latest, both science and religion agree on that :) but I believe you've used the term as a figure of speech, so it's ok). Also you must appreciate the fact that had that man flourished where there was usable water and since water 'was there' and man's brain had to call it something therefore it was called different things in different places with different languages by different people.

I do sort of agree with you on emotions being relative to each other. Surely the presence of an emotion that make your BP surge and makes you wanna harm your surrounding cannot be love or kindness. But that too seems a very vague way of describing the truth pertaining to relativity of emotions.
I can't say much about music, surely a piece of music can be music to one person and noise to another but that too is related to training of the brain. And as far as lyrics go, there are a couple of songs that I appreciate just because of the music and despite finding their lyrics rather silly.
Life without language? Well how would I tell over the internet that Manas you play awesome guitar and it's been a long time we've met and that once in a while I do miss your company.
Cheers bro!