Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Binary Digits and hung up brain

110110 (11jan2010)
Surely, as was pointed out, the bits of today are more interesting than yesterday’s. 110110 aha!
It is cold. The cold has been playing havoc on my saneness. My sleep requirement has spiked and despite sleeping more than usual, I wake up tired and confused and remain so throughout the day. It is 9:00p.m. and I just returned from a lab snack at Amrit in Mohali. Something happened that really embarrassed me. After hogging down a massive amount of junk food and having a great time, everyone ready to board the autorick and I headed for my bike when I realized that my keys were missing. I frantically called up the others, lest one of them had accidentally taken them. They all checked but my keys weren’t with anyone. Anuj and Akesh came back to me to hunt for my keys. We looked in every nook and cranny but all in vain. It was finally decided that Akesh would go back with the others while Anuj would stay with me and look around a little more. We’d just been to two places and tracked the whole route very carefully and enquired from every shopkeeper/helper if they’d found a bunch of lost keys. By now a moderate degree of panic had set in me. Without realizing it I was frisking my pockets time and again; this action was irritating Anuj. He ordered me to stop doing so for he said that it would just increase the confusion. He suggested that I empty my pockets once and check them carefully and look elsewhere without going back to the pockets again. That was the right way to do it indeed. I emptied my front pockets and there were no keys inside. I even emptied my laptop bag to find just a laptop and power-chord inside. I again went back inside the restaurant where we ate and doubled check with them; by now those people were also feeling very sorry for me. Outside I saw two guys standing close to my bike and talking in a hushed tone, looking at me once in a while. “That’s it” I thought to myself, “I’ve got the thieves” the more I observed them, the more they seemed to be staring at my bike and glancing at me. I’d already deciphered their plan; they’d make me give up and go away tp seek help and then drive off with my bike. I thought that the only thing left to do now was to call up Ricky and ask him to drive up all the distance with my spare keys, drop Anuj back then go back home; I wasn't going to leave the bike alone. I called up Rick and he told me not to worry and that he’d head out straight away. I glared down at the two men; I was ready for a fist-fight for the first chance I'd get to extract the keys out of them. My confusion was accentuated by the situation, I just couldn’t think straight.Sometimes in hindsight, I surprise myself with how unreasonable I can get. Not that I’m feeling great right now but at least I’m sane enough to know that my thinking got skewed. This very episode has me thinking that maybe I’m mildly schizophrenic.
Then suddenly, as if under the influence of an external force, I put my hand in the back pocket and pulled the out the keys. I stood there dazed, staring at them. Anuj too was stunned and kept staring both at the keys and at me; 45 odd minutes had passed since I raised the alarm and we'd searched everywhere in the chilling cold. Anuj just sighed saying “happens!” I called up Ricky to give him the good news that he wouldn't have to take the trouble afterall. It's 9:00p.m., I' just reached home from the "event" I still feel like I’m not in my senses…the saneness is there somewhere telling me to go to sleep.

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