Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Doggone time

16th march 10

As I typed the name of this month, I was surprised for a second that MS-WORD did not capitalize the name automatically, and then I realized that march has other meanings. Strangely in the previous line, march indeed has been underlined in green. That’s odd! It should’ve been so in the date 16th march 2010. Anyway another such example is May. May happens to appear in dismay as well, albeit not as an independent entity. Dismay is one word I’d type on my Facebook account’s “What’s on your mind” title, if I had one that is. I’m too desi for it (as people say) and prefer Orkut. I treat my Orkut account as my baby. I am very attached to it because of the time I took to write all the stuff on my profile that I kept deleting and rewriting time and again. I gained quite a bit of popularity amongst my friend circle because of it. The situation was similar back then, I was just out of a relation, though unlike now, I was spewing out the hurt in the form of words under the title “from my past relationships I’ve learnt” of my profile. I got really creative and comic satire flowed out of my finger onto the keyboard like lava. As I wrote, “friends of friends” started to visit my profile (possibly recommended by friends) and started to copy my original work onto their profile without so much as an acknowledgement or a thank you. You see, if I put up a quote on my account, I mention the writer and expect the same. So I deleted all that I’d written and put up some brilliant situational quotes by Ashleigh Brilliant, and of course I acknowledged the writer. Now you probably are thinking that I’ve become too high headed just because I got a few (ok I can’t use “few”, it’s just three) articles published in an online newspaper. It’s a good paper and the articles these guys publish make for interesting read Anyway I was talking about this copying of creativity thingi. You see that’s plagiarism, that’s cheating. That’s trespassing on my property and claiming it to be yours. Cheating, I hate it. Why? Because I’ve suffered a lot because of it, that’s why. How? Well just my excuse for not getting good grades in school. Though I never cheated despite watching some of my classmates go for the kill and attain great marks. Needless to say there were others that were hones, intelligent and hardworking. I’m not claiming that that’s the only reason they all scored good marks and I was just above average but because it corrupted some of them. Some intelligent ones that is, and they still carry both the intelligence and the dishonesty with them. When kids of affluent families cheat and steal and those from a distinctly lower stratum, managing to study alongside them and just growing like wild-grass (me, me I’m talking about me yes) aren’t doing so, you must accept there’s something wrong with moral-values being taught in big families. I am talking about boys in particular. Is that how daddy earns the big money? Daddy himself doesn’t know what to teach! Girls are always better than boys in most aspects; women versus men, is a different story.

Girls, you’ll find one that’ll earn the title of girlfriend. They come and they go. It’s like a guy’s some kind of a pass through material, women come, pass through, and leave, gaining a lot of intelligence in the process. It’s all about killing time in street-play practice till the curtains of theatre a drawn after the wedlock and I must say I’ve had a lot of practice but never ever made it to the theatre. I guess I’m some kind of a professional street artist.

Street! Oh the streets of Chandigarh aren’t safe to drive a mobike anymore. Today I nearly met with an accident. I was going straight, at the roundabout this car overtook me from the right at full speed and suddenly turned left…but hey they guy couldn’t negotiate the turn fully and came to a dead stop and in a split second he was parked 90 degrees to my direction of motion and I applied the brakes full on. The bike skidded quite some distance but held ground and after an almost unending screech, I stopped parallel to him, we never touched and I didn’t fall. That was followed by a bout of foul language pouring from my mouth. Bad words I hadn’t used in years just flew like millions of pigeons rushing out a pigeon hole. Adrenalin surged through my body and I was ready to fight (I could take that guy down ;) unless he knew martial arts or something). Well he didn’t know any form of martial arts so he just chickened out. I was dumbfound at the man’s stupidity for I could’ve been seriously hurt had I not been such a good driver (oh please don’t frown). That’s how my day started. I don’t know whether it was the after effect of adrenalin or the lack of sound sleep last night but after I returned from work, which I didn’t have much anyway, I was tired to the bone.

Sleeplessness is basically caused by the ten million stray dogs that gang up and rough up loners and sexually harass bitches through the night. In the process they unwittingly also keep me awake but the crying doesn’t incite my chivalry to save a bitches/loners from the pack. Phew! Bitches just act pricey initially and concede soon but there are just so many of them that the noise is unending. I guess that’s the way dogs like it. But I really wish that dogs could talk like us and not bark, I would be so much well-rested. Go up to the bitch, grin and say “hey sweetie, smells like you’re in heat. Umm! I was wondering if we could go behind that bush and get cosy and do some doggy-stuff till the time Big Bruno’s out marking territory.” Come to think of it, what if we humans had no language and could only bark. I can’t imagine winning a girl pushing her around and barking wildly at her, baring my teeth at the same time; would that be sexy to a woman? Maybe in such a world, it would.
Anyway, I was just punching at the keys to kill time till I was a little sleepy. Yes, the dogs are still barking relentlessly. Man’s best friend my foot! You couldn’t get more efficient enemies. I swear they’re taking the life out of some weak loner there that’s shrieking and howling like crazy. Now I know what they mean when they say that “the world has gone to the dogs” and the other one that says “it’s a dog eat dog world”.

And yeah, I’m kinda sleepy now so I guess I must apologize for wasting your time. Why all this? You see there are people you run from, just because you don’t get time to yourself or because you start to feel that “hey! I’m ignoring myself and there are other people in my life that I’m paying no attention to.” Then one day, you’re all alone, you do all you want to, you read, study, sing songs till your throat is sore, play guitar till it hurts, ride your bike till you have no money left to fill fuel in it and you realize that there’s still so much time left!! Then you socialize, till meet more people that you wanna run away from. Then you meet people you like and you realize that they wanna run away from you. So you sit alone and start writing bullshit, like this post hoping someone will read the whole things and not curse you (bullshit you, even if you would).

The whole thing can be pictured as the like Brownian motion of dust particles as seen in a beam of light. There’s chaos, commotion and collisions and repulsions. And when you start to see too much of it, it’s time to switch the beam off! Good night! And what did that woman say…ummm “Tomorrow is another day”.

Yeah it’s 1:20 a.m. and they’re still barking and mauling some dog!

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