Tuesday, March 30, 2010


You, in many bits and pieces, lay scattered in my room. You were just the breeze that blows and ceases, as and when it pleases. I was cleaning my messy room and I found something that belongs to you. You forgot your kerchief here, I don’t remember when you left it. I think it was last year or the year before that. Sorry, I’ll just dust my shelves with it.

Three decades gone and tomorrow’s another day to live. In search of a mantra, to my own self, what do I give?

Loneliness, fatigue, silence and the weather attack me from all sides, but somehow it feels just fine.

Thirty feels strong, way more than twenty nine.

But I’m thirty and I’m nothing; what a waste of prime.

I’m a thirty nothing and I’ve been late at everything, when the match is over I’m playing first innings.

I’m thirty-nothing, I am the joke in town, I’m thirty-nothing, I feel so let down.

I’m a thirty-nothing, I don’t have a bank balance, I’m a thirty-nothing in my own secret parlance.

I’m a thirty-nothing, I have a guitar, I’m a thirty-nothing, from my goals I’m still far.

I’m a thirty nothing, I live with mom and dad, I’m a thirty-nothing, and all the girls think that that’s so sad.

I’m a thirty-nothing, but some still love me so, god knows if they will, when I am thirty four.

I’m a thirty-nothing, I think life’s unfair, I’m a thirty-nothing when I think so I lose more hair.

I’m a thirty-nothing, I drive a big bike, I’m a thirty-nothing, I dread the fuel price hike.

I’m a thirty-nothing, only seldom do I rhyme, glad to be in a world where this is not a crime.

I’m a thirty-nothing, I get dumped now and then, they say you’re thirty-nothing, what’ll you feed our children?

I’m a thirty-nothing, all my friends drive cars, I’m a thirty-nothing by the time I can buy one, mankind will shift to Mars.

I’m a thirty-nothing, I work in a lab, I’m a thirty-nothing, I’d be richer if I’d drive a cab.

I’m a thirty-nothing, everyone around me is younger, I’m a thirty-nothing striving to curb my paunch and hunger.

I’m a thirty-nothing I have a good smile, I’m a thirty-nothing, I’ve learnt to fake it once in a while.

I’m a thirty-nothing I had dreams as child, I ended up a thirty-nothing, for they thought they were too wild.

Thirty-nothing, even dad to me is rude, for I’m thirty-nothing and I’m not even shrewd.

I’m thirty-nothing I spend the evenings in my room, I’m thirty-nothing, don’t fancy being a groom.

Thirty-nothing, I hang old gifts on walls, I’m thirty-nothing my cell don’t get no calls.

I’m a thirty-nothing I walk the miles alone, I’m thirty-nothing, I like being on my own.

I’m a thirty-nothing, I was a good lover, I was doing just that till half my life got over.

I’m a thirty-nothing I’m trapped in a block of houses, when I go and stand outside, they cover up their spouses.

I’m a thirty-nothing but with sovereign views, I’m a thirty-nothing, but for many, I’m just bad news.

I’m a thirty-nothing but I must comment on world affairs, since I’m thirty-nothing, can only voice them in prayers.

I’m a thirty-nothing, climbing up a hill, I’m a thirty-nothing I just feel no thrill.

I’m a thirty-nothing I know not what’s on the other side, I’m a thirty-nothing I’ll face it with my thick hide.

I’m a thirty-nothing slowly turning into an ass, I’m a thirty-nothing, hoping This Too Shall Pass.

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