Thursday, December 31, 2009

U say g’bye n I say hello

Don’t question me on the title of this post…well OK I’ll still say it. There’s no particular reason, it’s just that the moment I sat down to think that I probably writing the last post of 2009, the Beetle song “You say goodbye and I say hello” started to play in my head. It’s been a long time since I’ve listened to it; I love the song. Though some might say it’s a silly song, it’s a great melody of very simple words that express the situations that I experience almost everyday. I also feel that the New Year is singing this song for me as I bid farewell to 2009 (Duh!) So what’s been the big north-east-west-south these days. Here are a few that caught me attention:
Rathore’s still being chased. New information is being revealed almost daily and today I learnt that a CBI official advised the complainants to “fight their own battle” and not rely on the state. He said that it wouldn’t take Rathore a stitch of an effort to tip things in his favor; this was truly emetic.
Tharoor, our tweety bird, is at it again. His attack on the corrective measures in the form of visa restriction is nothing but logical. They’re taking steps to restrict any two entries into India with at least a minimum of two months gap. Tharoor says that’s a silly step because the perpetrators of 26/11 never had any visas. While the visa restriction rule should also be welcome, stringent steps need to be taken to curb the way in which the terrorists actually planned their act and gave it life. If I have a heart condition and the doctor starts treating my brain, I’d call the doctor a nut case just as I call SM Krishna a nut case. Tharoor is one guy who calls shit as shit in front of everyone and gets the bastinado. Though I don’t fancy being referred to one of the cattle class, I still feel the hog-wash of ministers traveling the cheap way is…hog wash. There are bastards of bureaucrats who don’t vacate their official palatial homes when they should, don’t pay electricity bills to the tune of thousands of crores of rupees, molest women, indulge in violence and other crap. It is these people who should be brought to task and removed from the system and the rest, who have the ability to do their jobs, be allowed to travel business class. Up Tharoor, the charming iconoclast.
Well well well, look who’s landed in a sex scandal, ND Tiwari. This guy should wear the Gandhi cap on his crotch, not his head. I wish I could lay my hands on the video of this old leather bag making out, haven’t seen comedy in a long time. And hey! Look at the newspaper, he’s being welcomed in Dehradun, his hometown. Who’s welcoming him I wonder? Porn stars? No no, it’s our Hero-Worshipping Indian public. I must admit I tried to locate a pic or video of the scandal and just got to see three tiny pics. Ha ha ha ha I fell off the chair laughing. Had I not known this was ND Tiwari’s scandal photos, I might have mistaken them to be of a daughter kissing her father’s dead body on the cheek (well there was just Tiwari’s head and neck and some portion of the girls face in it). I mean come one, there’s Tiwari lying phut like a dead duck and…ah! Like I always say, it would be heart-wrenching was it not so gut-wrenching. I must not make fun of an old man like this, who knows I too might want to do the same at that old an age. I mean come on, if my legs are hanging in the grave, I am the Governor of a state, I have children who’re settled and married with kids and testosterone is still nudging me and Viagra is still available eh!! Heh heh heh heh!! And don’t need to do the sweaty job when you can just lie dead and let things be done to you than vice versa…I mean come on, the guy’s governor not a laborer…heh heh heh heh! (hey Paul McCartney’s shouting “we’re gonna have some tonight” in my PC speakers…what a situational song)
I recall the editorial in The Tribune I read a week or so ago that cerebrated on the issue of legalizing prostitution. Well the Dutch and some Aussies are paying legally for pleasures. It mentioned that studies have revealed that the advantages, the Aussies thought, were going to follow the legalization never followed. Illegal flesh and drug trade still flourished, mafia never budged and the condom enforcement was shrugged off by people who wanted more skin contact. Of course the repercussions are quite thinkable, more young minds growing up thinking that it’s all too normal (fought with your wife? well there’s always the brothel around the corner), more STD cases (Soon there’ll be a need to “celebrate” instead of “observe” World AIDS day…happy happy…one more festival). I know the names of at least three people who would love to back the legalization of prostitution in India: SPS Rathore, John Fernandes and our very own ND Tiwari. Of course Rathore might even want wish to legalize pedophilia. I mean c’mon, then they would just pay (the tax payer’s money) to buy some pleasure. In fact that’s what NDT did.
Down with these people, down also with morons that welcomed Tiwari…Tharoor should be allowed to travel in business class, I mean come on man.
Last but not the least, there’s China! Always in the Indian NEWS, like a hungry mad wolf, glaring down at my land, howling every now and then to remind me of it’s ominous presence and sending shivers down my spine. Tell me something, with people like NDT, JF and SPSR amongst the people running the show, do you think China has anything to worry about…it’d keep sending shivers down my spine for I know my guns are empty and so does the wolf.


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Niha Redhu said...

wooowww.. aaj toh psots ki bahaar hai from Jesse!! :)

Loved this post and yeah oh especially the Tiwari part!! LOL!! Keep it up Jess.. not many have the talent of making others laugh and yet getting to convey your point across!!

Happy new year buddy! :)