Thursday, December 10, 2009

A trip down the memory lane

while reading Ashish's post I remembered something from last year.

Our last accomodation from where we moved out 19 years ago, was rented (not one provided by the govt.) and I felt algia of the nost (sorry hee hee) everytime I thought about it. The park where I moved out of the house for the first time to make friends, where I'd hide from my dad evertime ma cooked fish (dad'd force me to eat it), the streets where I first learned how to ride a bicycle and scooter, the place where I'd watch the other boys play cricket (I hated it) and then go play with the boys who played with the girls (Ughh!), where I made my first gang of bad boys when I grew bigger (n we all got beaten up by the big boys), where my sister and I spent the summer and winter vacations and she'd bring me loads of comics and storybooks when she came home from her boarding school...sigh! There were so many memories attached to the place. Despite having my own vehicle and being in the vicinity many a time, I never went to that square...till last year.

That night I rode towards the place with memories flashing faster with every meter I covered towards that area. To my dismay, the top floor didn't exist like i knew it, it was all redone in a grand way; beautiful dim lights beckoned through the huge windows covered by semi see-through net-curtains. My little house where I grew up, where I had some of the most memorable times of my life, was history...sob!!

19 years is a long time, the place had changed, and as I moved away, I realized, so had I.


Ashish said...

So you uprooted a comment and planted a post :-) But isn't it nice that we can, through our blogs, preserve our fast-vanishing histories! No sobbing, only grinning *_____*

jesse said...

While I was typing the comment, I thought why not use it for my posting spree.

Heck! you caught me :(

I guess you checked the "email follow up comments option in your comment window"...right?