Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Today I turned thirty.
When I was twelve and my sister eighteen, I used to wonder if I'd ever grow up to be eighteen. Puh! Silly of me to think so.
Today just happened to be one of the busiest days. It was self induced!
I planned a ton, only because I was superstitious enought to think that today success was ready to kiss my forehead in all my ventures. Silly of me! I screwed up half the work I started. Ah success did kiss my forehead in the other half after kickin my butt. Now I'm sitting writing this post in totally jinxed state of mind. The timer is about to go off; it's time to inactivate ligation.
The work's unending. I'm glad I can take the bull by the horns now, even if I get gored once in a while :)

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