Monday, April 23, 2007

Insomnia-the sequel


Who in the world can feel jet lag without even travelling between any two given timezones; it me, it me...who else! Its 4:00am and I'm almost awake; I never went to sleep i.e. I went to bed at 2:00am convincing myself that I was very drowsy but after half an hour of staring at the "glow in the dark" moon, stars and planets on my ceiling, I was convinced that either I was awake or having an out-of-body experience. Though the latter would've been an exciting experience, the possibility of not being able to get back into my body made me think twice about it. Then I counted to three and sprang out of the bed to check if I was semi awake (in which case I would crash) or wide was a perfect landing...yes batman doesn't sleep at night...he writes posts for his blogs!

Sometimes I feel like I've been cursed; Chandigarh's dust thou art and to Chandigarh's dust shalt thou return. This city makes me claustrophobic and emetic. I have reasons to dislike Chandigarh; because of the average citizen of this city. Chandigarhian apathy is as sickening as its charlatanism and its paradoxes.

They wanna cut pollution but the MC employed staff are on a wild spree of burning dry leaves every morning. The traffic cops challan scooterists while the smoky truckers/autorickshaws ply fearlessly (circumstantial evidence...if they really were so hell bent on cutting pollution, they'd be tackling the latter more seriously).

They want less accidents but they allow wine shops to spring up every half a kilometer...if you have contacts, you needn't worry about anything except for killing your ownself...others? couldn't care less!

They want health but they can't stop stuffing their face with fast food...then they spend money on gymnasiums and "slimming centres"...where else do they throw the money afterall, there has to be some way!

They want to be educated but don't realise that most of their schools are nothing more than breeding grounds for dunces. Creativity is the negative sense.

They "appear" to be cultured but the reality shows up every now and then.

They want to be blessed so they throng religious places (and turn into saints for that much time) but when they return they get back to their repugnant ogre selves.

They generously throw alms to the satiated/professional beggars in a hope to improve their own Karma and in the process permanently deny a few people the right to know the fruits of labor. Ask most tip-top Chandigarhians to spend some time with orphan kids and they'll be too worried to get their expensive clothes dirty...or have a party to attend anyway.

In this part of the country the mantra is "Do what you want...but don't get caught." ...of course a few months before a girl is about to be "fixed up" by her parents (for an arranged marriage), they abrupty give up everything and turn into pious nuns (after all the grooms family will get the girls background checked because they all want chaste virgins for their virtuous sons).

I want to go to better place than this freaking city of uncouthed zombies. The flora here is all manicured and non-native...that's why some idiots planned to plant deciduous trees around the whole that they shed leaves twice a year and a big army of men can then be hired to sweep the roads and burn the leaves...afterall not till you have ample of problems can you demand money from the they thought it was a good idea to create some.
But then maybe I need to look in to my own self before pointing fingers!
Hey I needn't be so upset...afterall it is the CITY BEAUTIFUL of our country.

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Dem Soldier said...

Kuddos working with the orphan-kids.