Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Elementary my dear Watson (actually, he never said that in any book)

29 March 2007 2:00am-3:00am

Half an hour ago, I heard a loud crash from outside. I was studying and half asleep. The sound was so uncanny that I thought it was worthwhile to investigate. Wearing short on my lower and a bunch of mosquitoes on my upper body, I went and stood in the balcony. I saw the mongrel “Lucy” barking at a large branch of a tree that had fallen on Dr. Sachdeva’s car. The dog’s braking was relentless; in fact there was another dog that was barking from the opposite side. I noticed some movement in the fallen branch. I’m quite sure of that because it was a weird sight, there air was still and there was no breeze at all, so why was the branch moving. Why were the dogs barking? There was somebody/something in there for sure. After staring at the branch some more and having noticed it shake a little more than twice, I thought about taking an appropriate action. Whatever was in there probably must’ve seen me looking towards it from my balcony as I was appropriately illuminated by the streetlight next to our home. Lucy saw me and wagged her tail and continued barking at the branch. I looked around but couldn’t see a single watchman. It was cool outside and not a single soul in sight. I rushed in and called Ricky from my dad’s cell phone, surprisingly he picked the phone immediately. He had heard the crashing sound (the scene being much nearer to his home) and called Dr. Sachdeva to inform him about the fallen branch. Then I told him to come to the balcony, I saw Amar (Dr Sachdeva’s son) standing a little distance away from the branch with a hockey stick wondering what to do next. The next minute, Ricky, his dad and I reached the spot with iron rods. We tried lifting the branch, it was very heavy and I noticed that it had broken from the base. That was odd; why would a branch snap like that from the base…unless it gave way under a heavy weight. While we conjectured about the possibilities, one fact was evident; no watchman had arrived at the scene as yet. Considering that I heard the sound sitting in my room with the doors and windows shut, it was a loud sound; why the heck hadn’t any watchman reached the spot yet…there are a good 4-5 of them that take rounds…it was not possible that none of them heard the sound. Finally a watchman arrived, appearing quite oblivious to what had happened and not even showing any surprise as to why 4 men armed with rods were gathered at the corner of the road; I found this conduct to suspicious. I didn’t join in the conversation, I just observed. The watchman went and sat at the iron grill in front and kept trying to assure everyone that there was nothing suspicious. I noticed Lucy and the other mongrel, their focus had now shifted towards the ground in the direction that led towards the road…a dark unlit area and the only possible safe getaway route…both the dogs were barking in that direction…and Lucy intermittently stopped, looked towards us, then looked in that direction and started braking again. I felt that the animal was trying to communicate with us. Finally, I quipped into the conversation and said “the dogs raised the alarm initially and are now braking in a particular direction now”…the watchman quickly interrupted “no no they’re just trying to locate other dogs.” (which I thought was not impossible but these dogs had been barking relentless at the branch when I first came to the balcony and when we all came down, they were with us and were almost pointing, looking back at us, then looking in that direction again and barking…looking back…barking…same pattern). And for some reason, the watchman’s behavior was odd. I didn’t say much to anyone (YES!! I’ve finally learnt to keep my mouth shut and keep my feelings and hunches to myself). Rick’s dad seemed apprehensive about someone being on that branch so he finally said that it just happened on its own…”I don’t think to uncle” I said with confidence. I wanted to go ahead and let the dogs lead me but it wasn’t a great idea considering that no one was interested in pursuing the trail with me.

OH! Why do I feel so titillated by this commotion?
Why do I so desperately want to nab the creature behind all this? Why do I want to solve this mystery?

I think I know! I’ve been watching a lot of Sherlock Holmes on the History Channel lately…Jeremy Brett I love you (no no I’m not gay).

I want play that part. I want to investigate and romance with reasons. I want to prove how timid you are in drawing conclusions, chide you for your silly reasoning (as Holmes does to Dr. Watson).
I want to observe everything, meet the leading ladies and not have any interest in them apart from their statement (even intimidating them by being skeptical about their part of the story…on the outside that is!! While the real deal is kept to myself till the end).
I want to be loud, fearless in speech, I’ll appear to be lost in a myriad of thoughts but all this while I’ll be observing everyone around me.
Yes my friend there could be a million reasons for strange things that happened around us but let me enlighten you about how the villains did it…and let me leave your jaw hanging.
Oh!! I surely am the alter-ego of Sherlock Holmes!! It’s gonna pay off someday…all I need to do is keep distance from women, they blunt down my keen reasoning while they’re around (well! Actually I’ve only found one or two to be that interesting…but dear God, thank you for saving me…I would’ve destroyed my own self)…at least I need to keep away till the time I can let them not affect me at all…
I’m ready!!
Lucy, you’re the only female I like in this world…alas! You too do what females do best…BARK! BARK!! BARK!!!

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