Saturday, April 28, 2007

Information is a form of energy!

The other day I was reading about entropy. Most people would know that it is a term that studied in thermodynamics and describes the randomness associated with system/surrounding. Second law of thermodynamics states that spontaneous processes tend to move in a direction that takes them to a state of greater randomness.

We also study in biochemistry that living systems maintain an ordered state (less entropy) in their bodies by increasing the randomness of their surrounding.
Here’s the interesting part that I wasn’t very familiar with; “information” is a form of energy! This has been wonderfully and succinctly explained in the text book of Lehninger Biochemistry and I suggest you read it. If I take all the letters used in this passage and throw them into a state of randomness, they’ll make no sense at all. To make sense of it all, I need to place them in a particular order so that the reader understands the idea I’m trying to get across.

Quote from Lehninger Biochemistry:
“In fact the branch of mathematics called information theory, which is basic to the programming logic of computers, is closely related to thermodynamic theory.”

Wow! That lights up another bulb in our heads, doesn’t it?
Like I said in a previous post “it’s about perspectives, of vision and thoughts.”
Another nerve pathway formed corresponding to a fresh perspective…further decrease in entropy!

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