Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I genuine sweet smile….on a girl’s face…Oh God! Yeah, I remember seeing that…a long time ago.
”What’s such a pretty smile doing on a girl’s face?” I thought and laughed a little. I’m so used to my lady colleagues (sister’s sorority) that I forgot that women can even smile. They happen to have elevated levels of adrenalin in their blood…I don’t like fighting with girls but here it’s about self defense. An attack without provocation is always at hand and over the months I’ve begun to feel like a ringmaster who’s been let into a cage of mad lionesses. I’ve learnt to survive in this hostile environment and even learnt to intimidate and tease the fairies and keep myself safe at the same time.
We all do have a great time but I still never get to see WOW! Smile from my sisters in arms; yes, a loud, blaring, cacophonic laughter when they’re making fun of random people is definitely something someone (with even an underdeveloped sense of hearing) can’t miss. Now I spend almost the whole day with them, consequently whenever I look at these ladies, I either expect one of the following:

A smile (a shrewd one)…
one that says, “I need your ice box dear brother”

An even bigger smile (this one’s scary…remember Glenn Close as Cruela Deville in 101 Dalmations)…
It says “brother, my brother, I forgot something somewhere…why don’t you run down the aisle and bring it for me.”

A still bigger smile…(I mean this one extends beyond the face)
It says, the lunch was pathetic…lets go have some chocolates.
A shrug in disgust (when I’m walking towards their ice box with DNA samples in my hand)…
a look that says “I don’t share MY ice-box with anyone so get some ice of your own…I hardly know you, how can I possibly share my ice box with you.”

Poker face…

It says “I am here but my soul is elsewhere”.

A teeth baring snarl (after they’ve fought with their parents or boyfriend or whatever)…
it says “I am a witch, you better beware or I’ll turn you into a cockroach.”

Head down on the desk…
boo hoo hoo hoo the world’s so nasty to me…go away or I’ll gobble you down.

Standing next to me (while I’m using the computer) getting impatient…
”I need the bloody computer so move your butt from here…I’m expecting a mail from my aunty/friend/blah blah…it has the marriage photos…so move it and let the sisters take control). [Damn! How many acquaintances of theirs are getting married…millions of them man!!]

A scowl
The “I hate men!” look

Fortunately there are other ladies in the campus who’re always ready with a genuine (if they’re faking it, they’re veterans at this) beautiful smile…oh it just lightens up your burdens (at least for a fraction of a second). Oh what a pleasure it is to smile back at them with the same flow….mmm…mmm…here cutie cutie!!

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