Friday, March 16, 2007

Hey Jesse, there’s hope out there…

Before leaving for Delhi on the morning of 14th March 2007, I picked up the newspaper and scanned the pages for something interesting. I came across this small article that I scanned (inverted the colors and rotated it…y’know to give it the effects!!!), for I felt that it was inspiring me…to write something (oh man! Not again!). I could’ve done a better job but you know sometimes it’s better to write just the simple thoughts that come to your mind (yup! If I delve too much into my thoughts…I come to terms with the fact that I’m an alien…and then I feel like going back to my planet…though I can write tons and tons of stuff in that state of mind…much of which has a grave potential to offend zillions of people).
Phew! I digressed again!! Why am I so self obsessed…maybe it’s been the effect of company of the recent past. STOP STOP!! U A£$& hole…you’re doing it again!! They were good people…”good” being a relative term…STOP IT!!

Yes there is definitely “too much of a good thing”, and its better not to overdo it. Ask me! It just flips around, shows its ugly head (one you thought didn’t exist) and stares you right in the face…you mumble, you fumble, you tumble and in the end you grumble…GRRR (Arre oh Samba…bahut aag hai iss bheje mein ..ha ha ha ha haaaaa haaaaaa)

By the way, I thoroughly enjoyed this trip to Delhi. I was on my toes all the time, I was enervated at the end of the day but I came back with sounds and images in my head…of a live, vibrant and a downright huggable city. The hustle and bustle charged me up like I’ve never been charged before. Though I don’t dislike Chandigarh, I believe I’m not that open minded because of the slow pace of this place…I wonder what I would been like had I been brought up in Delhi…UMMM!! maybe Mumbai…ummm Maybe New York…oh the usual “would’ve, coul’ve, should’ve” shit…Man is never satisfied). The fatigue was only felt once I sat on the bus to head home. JNU too was great…I hope I can get through the entrance…and this time, I’m not just hoping…I’m working my ass off for it…if I still don’t make…BOOOO HOOO HOOO…I wanna stay in DELHI…then Mumbai, then New York…then Stockholm…then Berlin…then Paris…finally the Himalayas.

Here’s a li’l poem I wrote, inspired by the li’l article…

Brothers, sisters and “others”
Children, fathers and mothers
See whats new in the brain-world.
All those abuses, at you that were hurled…
You need to remember them no more.
Kick those memories out that open door.

Selectively, all those memories they’ll erase…
How would they do it? Who cares!
Lover’s promiscuity or a prospective one’s denial ;-)
Now you can forget all the stuff that’s vile.
A friend’s deceit or an enemy’s assault…
Now they’ll collect it all and throw it in a vault.

Will I ever be the same again?
I’m tempted to believe it won’t be in vain.
With a preponderance bad recollections…
Who wouldn’t want to get rid of the dejections?
But shall I not consequently forget the lessons I learnt…
…that taught me about life; one’s that bruised and burnt.

Why not accept the truth and move on?
That sure was hurtful but now it’s gone.
Let’s break the pattern by which we dig a ditch…
…and happily fall into it…let’s repair this hitch.
Forgive and forget; to walk, that’s a tough mile.
C’mon people do it, for this is THE COOL style.

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