Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I could've made that crap for less but tomorrow is another day

 Hey when I eat food outside, I should be pleasantly surprised. That's the least I expect when I'm out eating at a place where a sandwich costs around 300 rupees.

 While the sandwich at Garlic And Greens was nice, the strawberry-banana smoothie was a downer.  Especially that I got to see how the guy was making it. I took a verka curd box (costs 10 rupees), threw in a banana (5 rupees) added some sugar and a bit of strawberry flavor, blended the thing and served it. Damn! the curd was not even fresh and was a bit sour. How much does Garlic And Greens charge me for that crap? 145 rupees.

So I had to visit VFS again to submit the documents I missed in the morning. It's around 20 kms from home so I took the bike in the next trip. Got stopped by a cop who told me that I hadn't installed the the high-security number plate on my motorcycle, for which I'd be challaned. GREAT! 2,000/- rupees only! The policeman talked random stuff, all of which was meant to imply that I could bribe him and avoid the ticket. What he talked about, I'd skip (although it sure was fun) but I ended up handing him a 500 rupee note, which he asked me to place in his challan-booklet. He was nice (wasn't he), he told me that if someone  else were to stop me I was to tell them that I've got my bike inspected at Naka number 4 and it has been passed. Voila! it was a code language that meant that all the policemen I'd come across again would know that the money has been paid and they'd let me go. Cool! Anyway, I got the form for the high-security number plate and will apply for it tomorrow. I guess high-security implies that you'll be safe and secure from the traffic policemen. Well at least these guys are not the goons like the Delhi police.

Anyway then on the way back at night, I stopped at a dhaba, curious about their shahi paneer. I love dhaba paranthas and expected moderately good shahi paneer. The fellow took a half cut capsicum, an onion, quarter of a cabbage and sliced em all up, added them to his kadahi, added a few pieces of paneer and tossed everything around in the high power dhaba flames :)  He then took the pan around, opened a big bowl added some curry from it, took it to another part of the dhaba, added another curry to it, cooked the damn thing and although I wasn't so happy about the ingredients at first, by now my mouth was watering from the aroma. He then added some cheap chilli sauce to it (ultra cheap I must say), then added some ultra cheap ketchup (I shouted, "hey go easy on that"), then added some other weird things and scooped it all out and packed it. When we ate the dish, I was disappointed. Hey but I got a lot done today so no problem. Tomorrow, here I come.

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