Sunday, August 02, 2015


Fortunately I have a job
Unfortunately it requires me to travel extensively in planes and stay away from family
Unfortunately I'm someone who's watched too many episodes of aircrash investigation
This is extremely silly but sitting alone in this house in Dwarka, I wonder where life is headed...but I just pray about it and trust God that he's directing it well.

For all the miseries that we're facing in this growth, I remember a line by Joyce Meyer that said something like:
Sometimes we want God to change somethings for us but we find that he's  put us in situations to change somethings within us."

And so I think that with these hardships it's time to change something within me. I know this too shall pass and in three weeks time, I'll get to be with my wife and child and our dog in our home in Delhi

IF something were to go wrong and I'm no longer there
Please be strong and take deep breaths
Please take care of our child
Please stay in touch with didi and my parents
I love you a lot
I want you to be happy and sane
Again, I love you...
And please move on in life

Nothing's gonna happen I know but just in case...IF
I dunno why these thoughts are coming to my mind
It's not the first time but then I thought what if it is the last...

Man! it's so disconcerting...guess I'll just get back to working on the presentation in Bangalore on Monday.

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