Tuesday, May 05, 2015


Found in my inbox when I worked as a Research Associate. This was a letter from the PI to all the PhD students, research associates and research assistants working in the group. I've just pasted this verbatim.

Dear Collegues
Today I was just analysing progress of our group and future of students in my  group. I feel number of hours students are giving to research has decreased over the years. Number of students are not working in off-hours or in holidays. Some students feel if PhD guide  is liberal and not forcing us to work in Saturdays or Sundays why should we work in off-hours. This is surprising that world-wide competition is increasing over the years and still we feel we will only work if some one will force us to work. Please understand you are not working for any one, you are working for your own carrier. I do not know how you people will survive in this competitive world. I have no problem if you are happy with your performance, It is important for you pepole to think whether you are giving enough time for research. This is important for each individual to think about their carrier (sic) before it become too late. In my view research profession is more time demanding than any other profession, if you a
re not comfortable with this profession than think about alternate profession.

This is a general email not applicable for all students, some of them are already giving more than there 100% time.  I have no complain from any one including those who are not giving enough time for research. I am happy with overall progress of group as well as I am grateful to my students for their contribution. I am concerned about your future.  I wish all the best for all group members.       

With best wishes & regards

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