Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Bike troubles have turned me into an investigator of another level. I’ve been in touch with Pete Snidal, the author of the famed "Bullet-Manual", via emails and he’s been sharing ideas with me and giving me his take on my ideas and troubleshoot strategies. It feels awesome to be discussing this issue with someone older than my dad and a veteran in the field.

I can’t believe a month ago, I had marriage on my list of things-to-do. That topic has vanished into thin air and I can breathe once more. I’ve never been so spooked in life, the way I was when everything became so real. A trip, which could’ve otherwise been fantabulous, turned out to be nerve-wrecking one at the thought of marrying my travel buddy. I realized that I didn’t know her so well and couldn’t connect but somehow… In hindsight, I feel that I’d been the best example of a jerk. Anyway after getting such a big fright at facing being almost-married at such close quarters, I feel if such an event repeats, I’ll be glad to never tie the knot. I felt like an underage kid being forced to get married; can’t believe I felt so strongly for it when I’d left for the long journey.

Anyway, it’s helped me understand the meaning of something I never knew of “clean-cut”. It’s just that it’s such a shame that someone had to undergo pain in order for me to learn that. It makes me sad and does give me serious headaches every time I think of it but it’s still a relief. I am just not mentally prepared for marriage and I don’t know if I’ll ever be!

I do have a Royal Enfield and a bicycle that I love and that’s the only thing I know and care about. To hell with my love life!


Suchreet said...

so mr. mechanic-in-the-making, i hope the big guy teaches u a thing or two about mending ur heart also!

Jesse said...

yeah the Bullet-Grand-dad has advised me to get a lighter girlfriend to not wear out the bearings (he was joking). Little does he know that I don't have one anymore.
Mend my heart? I don't have one anymore.