Tuesday, December 02, 2008

That's me eh?

The trip from Chandigarh to Dehradun wasn't very uneventful except for a small mishap! Going downhill on the road after crossing Nahan, i was oblivious to the fact that the road very slippery (unbelievably so). The bike hadn't given any trouble on any of the steep curves. This time I was damn slow. As soon as I turned, the front tire lost traction; the moment I realized that I was about to fall I said a million prayers for my buddy sitting behind me....hoping that his head wouldn't have hit on the road or his leg wouldn't have come under the bike...we were dragged for a short distance along with the bike. I do not how how i manouvered my body but for some reason when I got up, I wasn't hurt at all, I picked up the bike instantly, the bike was ok too, not a scratch (incredible again) except for a twisted footrest. In fact the engine didn't die out either, it was happily chugging when I put it on stand. The road was so slippery so it didn't graze us but my buddy took some blow on his shoulde. I was very cautious the rest of the way. We went to Dehrahun and then returned to Herbertpur where my sister lives. In all we covered 250 Kms that day travelling through field, hills, forest, towns (quite a variety there).
My arse was sore but that was nothing compared to my right calf, which was killing me. The bike had stalled 3 times the previous night and it took more than 50 odd kicks everytime to start it; my calf's not used to this kind of a beating (4 days past and it's still very sore). But the sad fact is that throughout the time I was in Herbertbpur, I completely forgot about my buddy who's one of those few people who doesn't seek attention when in pain. I was tired and in pain myself. I spent that evening and the next morning happily talking to my mate but never once asked him how he was, whether his shoulder was hurting. All this despite recalling the event many times.
I didn't know I was so inconsiderate!
Just incredible how you think that there's nothing wrong with you...till the time something like this happens.

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