Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

Yesterday, on Christmas, I attended the Church Service in Sector 18 after a many years . I remember attending this church (against my wish) since I was a kid. It'd been more than 5 odd years since I last visited the place. So familiar was I to the place that I when i entered the premises yesterday, it felt like I was still a regular member of the congregation. When I entered the hall, I was greeted by a few people (who still remembered me), with a big smiles and hugs. As the Service commenced, I was overjoyed to hear the familiar hymns and the zealous congregation singing really well. I was not too engrossed in the sermon though; it was soporific and extremely so. I was glancing around, looking for familiar faces and did many.

The first shock came in the form of Aaron George, Abraham's son. The last time I saw him, he was a squeaky little boy reaching barely 5 feet in height, now he's almost 16 and 5'8"! When I wished me "Merry Christmas", I wished him back and didn't take my eyes off him, for this face was almost familiar...almost! Then I almost shouted in disbelief "Arnie"!! He smiled and said "Yes"

The second and the more severe of the shocks came when I saw a guy (don't remember his name anymore) who I used to play with as a kid (he's my age). I saw him standing some distance away, he was stooping, had a big paunch, had a woman standing next to him (which I later learnt was his wife) and the guy looked 10 years elder to me...either that or I'm in a state of denial!!!!!!!!!!

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