Monday, December 08, 2008

Dad and I went to meet Bhatti uncle today. He and dad have been friends from college days. My dad met with a serious accident 6 months ago; he lost two of his toes and nearly lost his foot. Mr. Bhatti underwent a bypass surgery 12 days ago. We were greeted by the sad and wrinkle faced Mrs. Bhatti, my parents tell me she used to be very beautiful when she was young. Every time I meet her I try to picture how that could’ve been possible and I’m sometimes convinced that she must’ve been. Actually I do rememeber what she used to look like when I was a kid. But when I see her now, I can't relate that face to this lady. Mr. Bhatti however was a well maintained healthy man...till very recently. We went in and met Mr Bhatti; stopping and weak, this wasn’t the picture I carried of him all these years. I was in a state of shock; I’d never seen him this feeble. I saw the endless sutures on his leg and chest; he really was cut open wasn’t he!! He had three coronary artery blockages that were “fixed”. Dad and Mr. B talked about their status quo for a long time.
I wondered what they discussed 35 years ago!

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