Friday, January 02, 2015

NY mean New Year


Watching Cosmos by NDT on NGC. I just learnt that NASA's voyager moves at 54,000 km per hour but even at that speed it'll take it 80,000 years to reach Proxima Centauri, the nearest star to the Sun.

What's the big din about this New Year. After all what is a year? If I consider what it really is in terms of the scale of time, it is the time the Earth takes to complete one revolution around the sun while moving at a speed of 1,08,000 km per hour! Therefore it covers a distance of 15,00,00,000 km every year!
The Sun itself is moving in the Milky Way galaxy at a speed of 7,00,000 km/hr and Milky Way itself is moving in the universe at a speed of 25,00,000 km/hr. So you can well imagine how fast, we on Earth, are actually moving through the universe and yet nothing in our lives seem to match the scale of our movement through the universe...or does it? Think!

So why is the New Year so special to us humans? Each one of us alive has moved that bit closer to our death, while hitching this high-speed ride through the universe. What a weird way to look at life, even if that's the reality of it all. Yet there's more to it. There's happiness, sadness, success, failures, living, loving and looking forward to life, not death, which we anyway have to accept humbly. After all even the the great conqueror Alexander realized at his death bed that we were all born naked and helpless and so we die. 

Today we prayed and poured our hearts out. Prayed for us, our families, our friends. We prayed for people we love and for those that aren't so dear. While praying, their joys and pains were made clear to us effortlessly, which was surprising. We prayed for those we don't know, yet know that many live their lives in difficult deplorable conditions. For once we rested in the assurance that that, which/who drives us through this universe at such ultra-stormy speed, without us sensing it, may hear our tiny supplications about the miniscule fraction of reality, our world, that means so much to us, no matter how insignificant it may be on the cosmic scale.

And so we set out on the same cyclic path of physical travel around the Sun that we've took last year and have done since the time we were born and yet our lives are hardly cyclic, we change everyday on this path around the Sun, till the time we return to dust. And that is why it's a New Year, despite being the same road. Happy New Year

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