Tuesday, December 30, 2014

That's that

There are so many things I wanna write about…till the time I actually sit down to write and then there’s obscurity.
Hey, today I learnt that my PhD work has finally been submitted for publication to a reputed journal, the ACS Chemical Biology. 7 years after I joined PhD, my supervisor finally thought its time. Really! 7 years, what all could I have done in 7 years besides totally screwing up my professional life and hanging on to what remains by a thin thread that also irksome to hold on to? I have a clear answer to that and the answer is “it doesn’t matter”
Something about this current lab I’m working in, the PI is great but he’s also weird. He thinks of himself as God or God incarnate (like most other scientists here) but even by scientist standards, he’s quite weird.
Bobo’s grown big so fast. He’s 7 months old and already difficult to manage. Yet he brings a sense of love to everyone in the house. Thankfully dogs have no clue about the complexity of human minds, else they’d never be referred to as man’s best friend. Thinking of how different life could be with a kid. As time passes and you experience the myriad colors of life, you’re never the same as yesterday. That’s why it doesn’t matter “what could have been” for “what is, is” and that’s what’s important.

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