Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You and I

I feared going to Mcleodganj again lest it brought back memories and broke me down like what happened a couple of times I cross those familiar paths again. I didn't say much because the others were interested in going there and I was familiar with the place and liked it. What I feared was a relapse into the fever of the past. I was apprehensive on the way towards it...and then 'You' happened to me.
I couldn't have asked for anything better, you gently erased all those memories without me ever realizing. I felt all the things I thought I'd never feel again and much more that I'd never felt before. How will I ever thank you for this.

1 comment:

Devesh Dutt Gautam ..The LONE Rider.. said...

my heart sings the poem of your memories..
the smile comes when u r not their in ur memories.
but when you come oohh God i just cant see enough of you.