Monday, June 27, 2011


It's a quarter past nine
seems like nothing's mine
mad rush to my workplace
making way through a maze
someday I'll be on time
but I really wonder when
By the time I start work
It's already quarter to ten
I'm tired already it's just eleven
Wishin there was someway
to peep into Heaven
I sigh for a while
cause I've got nothing to say
And so by quarter to twelve
reality calls me back
and hands me the golden rule
If you Love like a madman
you must work like a mule
Cause it's all about balance
Even if there's a raging passion
let me veil it by nonchalance
By one I'm geared up and ready
gotta speed through life
and yet be steady
Two, three, four, five
All pass by in a happy jive
Must work, must plan
must get things done
n' while I'm alive,
Can't lose hope, life is fun
someone somewhere's waiting
torn between the love n' hating
n' we'll flock together
like birds of a feather
Six seven eight nine ten
Waiting for you love
how why when
I can't say but surely
I'll be happy again

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