Thursday, February 17, 2011

Veil-untyin (Valentine)

On this Valentine's, I learned that St. Valentine doesn't refer to any one particular saint like I thought. There were a couple of them. Valentine's feast too has been chucked out of Catholocism for good. Well I guess that's reason enough for the rest to pick it up and f* the sh* out of it.
Whoaaa! n just 10 minutes ago I got a call from a friend telling me about one of the most scandalous things ever. Man! First-love chasing her after losin her many years ago.

Anyway, I'm here to talk about how my Valentine's went. IT SUCKED so far as conventions go but it was better than last year. Last year I was brooding over a morbid relation that died a month and a half down the line. This year, there was nothing, there were a couple of possibilities but I thought better to leave them unexplored, the bitterness still lingering. Within the year, I have changed a lot, I'm not so sensitive about relations anymore. I value my freedom, my time, my money and my space way more than I used to. Not that I don't miss the warmth of being with somebody but what the heck, that can be had without strings attached. Strings strangulate.

This Valentine's I woke up late, I brushed my teeth and made it a point to not shave as a mark of my disrespect for the day. I worked hard and till lunch, had quite forgotten that it was Valentine's. At lunch, people at their dressed up red-best reminded me that it was the day when most singles wish to mingle and most couples spend a tormented evening trying to find a decent place to spend a few romantic moments together over dinner or otherwise. The businessmen will, if they can, devote all the 356-366 days in the year to mundane causes that will ultimately fill their pockets and accelerate the society to being that little bit more preposterous, somewhere it is headed already.

In the evening I had an uninteresting telephonic conversation with an otherwise interesting person. I feel a pull and then a push, what the heck! I guess life's about being conscious, conscious of your posture, of the passing minute, of the clutter, of the traffic, of the time to say goodbye. The only time you should let it go is when you sleep. And yet, there are so many things that aren't expressed but still felt and then you sit back and wonder if what you're wondering about is actually so wonderful or just a figment of your imagination. In such a situation, it is best to put your mind unfettered mind to better usage, like He said "let the dead, bury their own dead". Later is was back to square-one, at-the-gate date with Ritbit. That's the time when it was all loaded onto a gun of wit&humour and fires exchanged.

So much for a silly day that's just one of many. I like kisses, not headaches. That was the strange, debaucherous revelation when I saw myself in the mirror, that was my veil-untying on the Valentine's.

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strings strangulate ???
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